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Sometimes It Hurts to Breathe

(If you have Spotify turn on the popular list for the artist Hammock) Everyone has heard the saying, “I would do anything for you.” You really don’t think about it at the time, exactly what that may entail. I’ve got a lesson in that in the last year and half. We all do at some […]

Black Helicopter Bingo and the Night Invaders

Picture of sign pointing multiple ways for Black Helicopter Bingo and the Night Invaders

I was talking to one of my good friends the other day and she said I should write more of this stuff down because it might help someone. Or the information might be useful to other people. She said I was writing it down too cryptically in the Ship’s Log. I kind of like cryptic […]

Lost Behind the Far Side of the Sun

7/5 I keep trying to write blogs posts and it is so hard right now. My entire life has been hit by a tornado of shit. Let me tell you right now that more people should listen to George Hansen and Jeff Ritzmann carefully. I knew what I was doing though and ran right for […]

A Short Note on Seeking Clarity

A floating soap bubble for A Short Note on Seeking Clarity

I washed a lot of windows this weekend seeking clarity. It mostly just made my back hurt worse but I was hoping to Mr. Miyagi myself into some kind of understanding. Some explanation for the last how many years. Interconnections I would have never anticipated, absolutely impossible things. The revelations have just been so staggering […]

Invasion of the Mysterious Sky Critters: PS It’s the Apocalypse

UFO Photo for Mysterious Sky Critters: PS It's the Apocalypse

Someone asked me the other day if I’ve made any progress on what I’ve been working on because sometimes it’s not so obvious. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago my answer still would have been yes. My life has been radically transformed in so many ways and I’ve learned so much. […]

Communication Breakdown Mercury Retrograde – Can You Hear Me Now?

Picture of Mercury for Communication Breakdown and The Mercury Retrograde - Can You Hear Me Now?

I saw a joke the other day about Mercury retrograde and communication breakdown. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really great at keeping track of that sort of thing. I’m more the weird neighbor you see standing in the yard all slack-jawed looking up at the sky at 4 am while wearing […]

Who is Driving This Crazy Bus Anyway?

Blue room filled with many white doors for Who is Driving This Crazy Bus Anyway?

I went to bed early and woke up late because I’m starting to slow down. So much has been happening lately that it never really stops around here and the weather just makes everything hurt more which is tiring by itself. The last week has proven to be another thrill coaster ride through the cosmic funhouse. It […]

Is There Something Out By the Railroad Tracks?

Lush green railway tunnel for Is There Something Out By the Railroad Tracks?

(I never know what I’m going to write every week until it happens. If you like one portion of this blog or the other just be patient and something new will turn up when it’s ready to come out.) Something strange has been happening with the alarm clocks in the house lately. Readers will remember […]