Episodic science fiction for people who like weird stuff. There are many truths hidden here.


I’ve been having paranormal experiences and seeing strange things in the sky for as long as I can remember, over forty years now, and it has dramatically changed the course of my life. Most of it was extremely bizarre and didn’t fit into any of the tiny boxes provided by modern ufology or the raft of paranormal shows on television. Diagonal22 is my attempt to go out into the wilderness of my ongoing paranormal experiences and bring something useful back to the other members of my tribe. The stories you find in the book reviews and articles are true. Much of what is written in the Ship’s Log is also true and taken directly from my experiences, dreams, and the life-changing effects of some really serious health problems in 2017. Parts of them were also brought back from the expanded awareness that The Monroe Institute is teaching me as I work my way through the Gateway Experience. I hope you find something useful or entertaining. Life is short and all we have is right now.


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