Youtube: UFO High Strangeness

I filmed this video on November 22, 2021 so please keep that in mind. Many years after the initial sighting. When I watched it yesterday I was astonished by the synchronicity in the beginning that one of you will recognize. This sighting was also eerily reminiscent of the story Ingo Swann tells in his book Penetration which I would learn about many years after the initial sighting. So here is a little food for thought about the larger UFO picture. It often times not is so easy as extraterrestrials flew here from someplace else. In fact in my experience many times it’s anything but that. I’m going to continue to update the blog and turn back on some of the old posts as well as put up the pictures some of you may be looking for. So just be patient with me. I have been through so much on top of being a cancer survivor that it has been a monumental task to put my life back together.


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