Communication Breakdown Mercury Retrograde – Can You Hear Me Now?

Picture of Mercury for Communication Breakdown and The Mercury Retrograde - Can You Hear Me Now?

I saw a joke the other day about Mercury retrograde and communication breakdown. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really great at keeping track of that sort of thing. I’m more the weird neighbor you see standing in the yard all slack-jawed looking up at the sky at 4 am while wearing brightly colored foam earplugs type of guy. When I look through a telescope I see proof that magic is real. Here we are rattling around on this little blue marble in a minuscule corner of the great cosmic marble bag and we think we have it all figured out. We are so busy churning out soul-sucking corporate TPS reports and piling shiny things to the sky that we forget to just look up. There is a rhythm to it if you remember to stop, take a deep breath and listen. I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths over the last week because this one snuck up on me and the rhythm has been chaotic and disruptive.

Worse yet, I can’t tell you many of the details which totally fits with the expected communication breakdown during this time period. The communication problems right now have yielded some very disturbing and potentially explosive results. People under stress sometimes act impulsively and thanks to poor cosmic reception may wind up doing the wrong thing before you can help them. In the aftermath, one person exhibited a sudden and very scary health problem, and my wife found pieces of the related item around her chair in the next town over. The signs are currently pointing to help from the Unseen World on the last part. Because what we have someone else has already come looking for in a very disturbing way. But we’ll get to that later.

Synchronicity has been running hot and fast in some very peculiar ways lately. I’ve lost track of it now. It’s just a nonstop flow. Every day for the last how many days I’ve been listening Higher Perspective from Hemi-Sync and it has been a profound experience. I should probably be keeping better track because the creator Glenn Harrold recommends listening for 21 days straight for best effect. The sale email turned up right after I was looking up at the sky wondering what the heck I was going to do with this mind-bogglingly complex puzzle I’ve been given by the energies I’ve met using the Gateway Experience. If you’ve been following along in this section of the blog you’ll know what I mean. A “Higher Perspective” is exactly what I needed at the time and it has proven extremely useful as a way to keep my mental boat steady when the surf started getting choppy.

It’s a scary thing to be where I am right now. I’ve seen so many things since I let go of the dock. The one thing I never expected was how emotional this journey would be. With some of the things I see, there is nothing I can do about it. Like the plane crashes and gunfire. But there is something I was given that I have a chance to prevent and it doesn’t feel like that is going so well right now. Maybe I’m wrong about that. Maybe everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. I would hope I was given this particular task because I can do something about it. That I don’t have to watch it all unfold in slow motion in all of its horrible detail. The whole thing reminds me of that journal entry Whitley made over at Unknown Country. Nobody gave me an operators manual so when I’m lying awake in bed at night I can only hope that I’ve already redirected a life in the right direction around the problems ahead.

Sleep hasn’t been coming so easy in the last few weeks. Jeff Ritzmann gave me some good advice about keeping some order in my day to get a breather from the epic levels of strangeness. Which would be working out pretty good if the sleeping problems hadn’t returned. So many questions, so many things happening, so much risk. All of a sudden my regular schedule starts moving around and I can hear Jeff’s advice in the back of my head the whole time. To meet this thing head on you have to play out at the fuzzy edges and that can be very tiring. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been trying to work more guitar playing into my schedule. But I have to be careful because a guitar can also become a big phone for me under the right circumstances. The small amounts of psilocybin have made learning Yngwie Malmsteen easier, something that I always wanted to do and never did, and thankfully there is a Fender Malmsteen sitting in the closet and all I have to do is pick it up. Another lifeline I threw to myself long before I knew I would need it which I’m not sure yet if I’ll get to today because I stayed up late writing the beginning of this post given that sleep is almost impossible right now. So thank you to all my friends on Twitter who made me laugh last night.

We’ve been getting some very odd nudges to investigate an area west of here that I talked about in Is There Something Out By the Railroad Tracks? A particular person in a recurring location told my friend a story about his SUV dying mysteriously in the area somewhere between that farmer’s field and the area we went to look at. Very strange and extremely timely. Weirder still that person called another one of my friends completely out of the blue to report that he had sighted his doppelganger and even described the car he was driving. My friend said it was very odd because he doesn’t talk to that person. The icing on the cake is that person used to sit on the end of the fireplace mantle many years ago in the house we are renovating now which belonged to someone who changed all of our lives in impossible ways. It’s like he is still with us, like he saw all this coming and made preparations for whatever is happening now.

I was going to head in that direction but another synchronous thing said aloud in a convenient way reminded me of the dream we had about something to the north. Someone at the coffee table referencing an area where orbs are chasing cars and someone who disappeared mysteriously. Which was noteworthy because one of the places we needed to go just had a car drive through the front of the building directly into the natural gas line. Two people were injured but thankfully there were no life-threatening injuries. Our trip through vast stretches of extremely remote areas made me glad that my former and extremely anemic self still had enough brain power to buy a Subaru. The roads were a hellish nightmare involving narrow dirt roads, piles of ice, and loads of flooding thanks to the recent weather. For a minute there it was smelling like tow truck city. The hundreds of hours I’ve spent in driving simulators proved useful.

Amazingly, thanks to some meditation messages and remote viewing ahead of time, we were able to stumble right into the area we needed for further nighttime investigations. The disorienting nauseous energy was so powerful that my wife would later tell me that she almost asked me to pull the car over so she could hurl. This feeling started to occur right before we got to another one of those isolated forest blowdowns that we have found in other locations. You could have heard a pin drop in that car for a second. A few minutes earlier I had gotten out of the car to make sure I hadn’t torn the bumper cover off on the ice and looked over to see a house I had seen in a dream months ago involving the big hairy monster, or guardian if you will. There is no mistaking this one, the feeling of The Other permeated everything. The compasses seemed to mostly behave this time but I did forget to watch them when breakfast started threatening to reverse course. It was a very enlightening and yet disturbing trip.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on perspective, we got back to learn my friend had gotten himself into more trouble. My warnings have continued to fall on deaf ears and now it is bringing the trouble directly to our doorstep. I’ve been told not to share everything with him, something I normally do because he is a great help with these kinds of things, and while I’m warning him about this person his phone goes off and they are literally on the way over to meet him. This in itself was disturbing because I’d experienced the identical thing earlier in the week with another person we were talking about. Their arrival was quite spectacular as my friend had invited someone and something into our space.

Earlier that day I had hidden the item found by my wife’s chair. When she brought it to me I reflexively did some things to it and then hid it expecting someone to come looking for it. The whole thing was a blur because stress levels that day were through the roof so I just trusted my instincts. I had the weird feeling that my hiding place wasn’t right so I moved it at the last moment. My wife was startled by a being who was looking in our windows. She said it looked like an old lady with gray hair and a pointy nose but that when she turned in certain directions it looked like a beautiful young girl. My early digging has led me to The Hag or a Banshee, both of them equally disturbing given recent events, but I’m not certain that’s what it is so if anyone has advice or thoughts in this regard send me a PM on Twitter or leave a comment if you can’t do that. It eats peoples energy, I can tell you that. After seeing the figure she looked out the window to see this particular person had arrived. What I had done right before their arrival was to move the object away from the windows for a reason I didn’t understand at the time. Just trusted my instincts again and boy did that get a confirmation.

The sequence of events this week has a put a face to at least one of actors in this whole tangled mess. It was “like witchcraft but much older” the voices had told me many months ago. I still feel like I’ve got caught up in some kind of war between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Ignus Fatuus, strange creatures, strange music, crossroads, magical creatures, delicious food, apports and aid, and various other fairytale aspects best left unsaid. When you start to add some of the other messages I’ve been getting it really starts to get weird. Is something old waking up and I’m just out on the frontlines by accident? Or was my earliest memory of the blue-green fireball in the sky at the crossroads, next to the barn with a hole right through it, some sort of portent or preload for all of this? Again I find myself thinking of the Sufi.

There is so much I didn’t get to but this is already running long. If you want a good laugh go look at the randomly generated link Redbubble gave me for my first collection. That happened while I was listening to a random podcast stored in one of god knows how many tabs stretched across three different browsers. Didn’t take long for the topic of Apocalypse to turn up. Also, don’t forget that season 2 of The OA is coming on the 22nd. Brit Marling writes about the things I see in my mind when I close my eyes. Started watching the first season again after all that has happened to me and it’s was a powerful, emotional experience. After this mornings meditation, I have a whole new appreciation of the scene where the Dad places the little girl in the cold water and she learns to stop shaking. The Other Place, coming soon to your television and it couldn’t be more timely, bonus points for anyone who thought of a particular train tunnel when they watched the trailer. I have no idea what is happening to me but to be on the safe side I’ll be out on the shoreline looking for rocks with holes worn in them when the weather gets better and the clover patch is getting nice and green.

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    • thundernoggin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read it. Much of the story is too painful, sensitive, or dangerous to write about right now so I recommend reading the Ship’s Log for more clues. I got a real surprise on how much of that came from someone else. Someday I hope I can write it all down.

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