Who is Driving This Crazy Bus Anyway?

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I went to bed early and woke up late because I’m starting to slow down. So much has been happening lately that it never really stops around here and the weather just makes everything hurt more which is tiring by itself. The last week has proven to be another thrill coaster ride through the cosmic funhouse. It didn’t help that I also stayed up too long watching the Hellier related live streams from the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult on Saturday night. The blizzard warning kept us in the house on Sunday which is a rarity for us much like staying up late. Funny how things work out, an opportunity to deep dive additional Hellier information came up, and mother nature made sure we didn’t have to get up in the morning. It’s hard to believe all that has happened since I almost dropped dead. Since I let go of the dock and decided to just let the universe blow me in the direction I needed to go. If you had told me everything that was happening now, back then, I wouldn’t have believed it. 

My comment about the food being good in my last post turned out to be another prediction of sorts. I’m hoping that it was just the universe rewarding me for helping someone but in the back of my mind is always the warning about eating the food in fairyland. There are some very strong faerie aspects in this regard, many of which I haven’t talked about, with a particular problem I’ve been working on that seemed to be foreshadowed by the large gnome I wrote about in August. So when my favorite restaurant started serving my favorite food every day for a week straight, which it hadn’t done once since all of this started, I was excited but also a little nervous. To further complicate matters, one of my friends who had been helping with all of this suddenly got what he wanted also, but it turned out to be a trap of sorts which caused many warnings to be delivered in meditation.

All along this strange journey, there has seemed to be a negative aspect of sorts working against us, or actively trying to find out what we are doing. The voices were very specific that my friend was being lured back out to the area I wrote about in The Sucking Sound of Interdimensional Portals so that he could be “energetically compromised” and not to tell him certain things I had learned from the person I helped because whoever did this was trying to listen in. Sounds crazy I know, but if you’ve been reading this portion of the blog, you’ll know I’ve gotten a lot of very accurate information this way. You can never discount the possibility of ultraterrestrial trolling, so far the path I’m on has been stressful at times, but it has also transformed my life in some truly amazing ways. So I just try to remain centered and remember all the good advice Robert Anton Wilson gave us in Cosmic Trigger.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this whole “energetically compromised” theme would come back up courtesy of Hellier but I’m getting ahead of myself. The last week started curiously with a very vivid hypnopompic image of a large, polished war axe embedded in an unfamiliar wall up close to the ceiling. The axe was extremely large, it had runes stamped into the metal portions of the head and handle, and had a light-colored leather-wrapped handle. It reminded me of something a deity or god would carry which made sense with the amount of force it would have taken to get up there. After delivering the warning to the person that needed help, with much encouragement from the unseen world, my psychic visual acuity seemed to dramatically improve. The pictures are much clearer right now, sometimes they can be a little blurry or out of focus. Reminds me of what Amy said the other day in reference to shaman sickness and leveling up.

The last few weeks have been a nonstop flow of information and synchronicity. Looking back at it now, it felt like something was happening but I was too tired to notice. I kept running into the exact information I needed and wound up with two different books involving faeries shipped from the UK. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun which was a gift from the fantastic Dr. Neil Rushton who has a wonderful blog called deadbutdreaming. And a book I totally stumbled sideways into called Walking the Faery Pathway by Harmonia Saille which I bought on a hunch. I wouldn’t know until later that the friend I’d warned had totally taken the bait and went to the place I’d warned him not to go. The story in itself involved some very strange cosmic shenanigans, courtesy of another doorway area, and an invisible entity moving things in the guest house of the property we are renovating.

Everything blew up on Friday the 22nd, which will not surprise readers of this blog. My wife texted me earlier in the day to ask if I wanted to try the new restaurant down the street. She told me she was going to stop the bank and then the dollar store to get hairspray before coming home to get me. I had the weird feeling she shouldn’t do that for some reason so I told her to come home and get me first. In the meantime, I had gotten into a discussion with Andrew from Reddirtreport on Twitter which you can see below. You have to read all the additional comments.

Andrew’s work in Dust Devil Dreams, and especially his work involving Arthur Stillwell which I wrote about in my review of Hellier, has resonated strongly with me. You have to remember that this blog, in its entirety, is a byproduct of the phenomena itself. When everything fell apart in my life this was where I was led for some reason. It seemed like I was beginning to meet the right people almost immediately. Find the others as some may say. And Andrew was one of those people. Even more amazingly at one point in our lives, we may not have been very far apart as we were both stomping around Grand Rapids, MI. We have both been finding many strange synchronicities between our own work and that of the cast of Hellier for a reason I don’t fully understand. There would be an aspect I didn’t want to say out loud yet, which would become amazingly become a post by Andrew, and then synchronously turn up in the Hellier discussion. We all seem to be dialing into the same thing at the same time for some reason and I don’t believe in accidents.

So my wife picked me up, we swing by the mailbox to avoid the snow, and headed for the bank. Right before this is the point in the Twitter timeline where I don’t catch Andrew’s reference to Indrid Cold. We drove through the back parking lot of the dollar store headed to the bank across the street when something crazy happened. An old baby blue car with a white roof that looked like a 60’s Pontiac Lemans pulled up to the 4-way stop just ahead of us. The car looked like it had fallen out of some other time as its paint was beyond rusty and chalked over. In the driver’s seat was your classic Man in Black. He had the hat, the dark glasses, the trenchcoat, and he was grinning at us in an unpleasant way that I would describe as menacing while he revved up the engine loudly as we drove past. Weirdest staredown ever. We were both dumbstruck and more than a little unnerved. There was something extremely unnatural about the whole thing.

We went to the bank and decided to head for dinner because the store was full of people. The post in the Twitter timeline about seeing the Man in Black was finished in the restaurant parking lot. I totally missed Andrew’s tweet about the Pale Blue Eyes and didn’t get to read it until after we ate. It wouldn’t dawn on me until later that the car itself seemed to symbolize the blue eye theme which kept coming up and that made the whole thing even weirder. As we sat down there was only one couple in the restaurant they got up to leave just as we sat down. The man was dressed like a cowboy which reminded me of the work of David Lynch. The cowboy would return a few minutes later to look for his glasses. During this time we could hear someone revving up a loud car again just outside the building but we couldn’t see out because the windows were set in the wall up above our booth.

Our discussion right before this happened was about our MIB sighting. The cowboy was looking under his booth in a confused way until the waiter came to help him. He had lost his glasses and the waiter immediately said, “Are you sure they aren’t in your pocket” while reaching out to tap the cowboy’s breast pocket. The cowboy shakes his head affirmatively as pull the glasses out of his pocket and exits the building at the same time the loud car stops revving its engine. It’s not like we heard the car drive away, the noise just stopped. At this point we begin discussing the oddity of the whole situation and begin to speculate that the message may have been, “Can you see?”. When I looked over at the wall I realized it was the same color as the wall I’d seen the axe hanging out of earlier in the week. The authentic karaoke soundtrack straight from the Philipines was adding a bizarre soundtrack to the sequence of events. She would tell me that all day at work she felt like she needed to go home, stay away from people and that many people hadn’t shown up to work that day for some reason. Much like my friend, she didn’t listen to the message. When we got back to the house I discovered the baby blue faerie book I had ordered that had been sitting in its envelope in the back seat the whole time.

The next day I would receive an announcement from the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult about an emergency live stream involving some strange developments that would be posted in the Super Secret Facebook group. I had originally signed up to join the museum when I learned there had been live stream involving a return to Hellier for the cast and I was already planning to watch that. I’m very interested in this particular topic given what’s been happening to me and its relationship with the doors and crossing points. The email mentioned that there were some strange events at the museum “and it appears to be leaking into the investigations of other researchers” which is something that Andrew and I have been observing. A much larger pattern if you will that seems to be orchestrated by something very old that doesn’t see time in the same way as we do.

Everything on Saturday seemed to go haywire when we headed for work at the house we are renovating. Both times we got food it turned into a total disaster. An SUV almost backed into us on our first stop at McDonald’s and the vanity plate said MANCI. This immediately reminded me of Mr. Nancy from American Gods and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman which are two of my favorite audiobooks. I took this as an ominous sign because it reminded me of a quote by Philip K Dick about making sure the gods don’t notice you. We went there because my phone went off earlier in the week when somebody mentioned the new donut sticks, which sounded good don’t get me wrong, but it made me feel uneasy for a moment. Like so many times before I suddenly felt like I wasn’t in the same world that I started out in for some reason.

I don’t want to give too much away about what happened in the live streams because that belongs in their member’s area. The crew was back in that tunnel getting some specific information about protecting their bodies which is very similar to messages we’ve been getting. Following that Greg got very sick and they had something break into their house which is a very abnormal occurrence for them. Given their unique inventory of occult items they decided to drag out a few of the big guns in the hunt to find who sent the intruder. When they finished, both of them felt like they had identified the culprit but I’m still interested in learning more about the motivation of this person. I say that because way too many details from the last three live streams hold special significance for our own investigation and I don’t quite understand why. The minute the live stream ended there was a loud scream outside our front porch. I went to check and nobody was out there, nor should they be, given the freezing rain. Very strange.

For me, lingering around the doors always seems to lead to two things, health risks and hitchhikers. You can almost set your watch by it. We’ve been warned about this specifically. And that’s before we get into the fact that more than one group of us seems to have drawn the attention of an outside source for a reason I don’t understand at this point. In our case here, it has almost seemed like the battle of two polarities, one helping and one trying to stop us. This particular detail will turn up in some of my “fictional” works for the careful reader. When Greg talked about something much older it reminded me of one of the messages I received early on about what was happening. I was told that “It was like magic but much older,” but I didn’t fully understand the ramifications it at the time but it would start to make more sense as time went on.

Who is driving this crazy bus anyway? I just keep wondering what this is all about. How many ultraterrestrials does it take to change this particular cosmic lightbulb? Different people all being pointed in the same direction and being given very similar messages. It feels like something powerful is shifting under the surface. It feels like the unseen world is pushing itself back through the barrier between our worlds. What’s worrisome about that is we’ve received messages about that also. There are so many thoughts running through my head right now but I’m running out of gas to write them all down today and this is already running long. Needless to say, I can’t wait to find out what happens next, and I’m also extremely curious about where that tin can came from.

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