Is There Something Out By the Railroad Tracks?

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(I never know what I’m going to write every week until it happens. If you like one portion of this blog or the other just be patient and something new will turn up when it’s ready to come out.)

Something strange has been happening with the alarm clocks in the house lately. Readers will remember that I also had a problem with compasses recently. It seems like something is happening around me but that something isn’t so easy to nail down. The main area of activity is right around the television set for some reason. At first, I just thought it was because we ditched the cable box and the switching outlet strip needed a new master device. To be honest, this seemed to solve the problem. A few weeks later the alarm clock under the television stopped working again. By this time I had totally forgotten about the outlet strip because everything seemed to be working fine but was reminded when the replacement alarm clock didn’t work either.

At this point I just felt like a total moron and went through the painful task of leaning under the entertainment center, while reciting some of my favorite profanity, to unplug a bunch of stuff so I can stop saying profanity. I was so pissed off that I just left the giant hunk of white plastic replacement clock where it was at. Deal with it later. Stupid human folly up to this point. Outsmarted by an outlet strip. This is the same area of the room where Shadow the Cat popped that copy of Spirit Roads out of the book pile for me. The old alarm clock was still sitting on that book pile when I came from the kitchen the other day. It looked like someone grabbed the cord and pulled it off the books. I wasn’t very far away and could see the area clearly. Either an invisible something pulled that cord, I somehow telekinetically moved it, or the alarm clock moved by itself. A lot of disturbing answers in that pile. So fast forward to the ice storm the other day.

Right around midnight, I’m awakened by an alarm going off. I was confused because it wasn’t one in the bedroom. The giant hunk of white plastic on the entertainment center was going off. As soon as I touched the clock it stopped going off. Scared the crap out of me. Then I hear my wife in the bedroom saying that her alarm clock had been turned off. We didn’t lose power because all of the other clocks in the house were working. The next morning I checked the clock and the alarm was clearly turned off courtesy of a big plastic sliding switch. Which reminded me of a few weeks ago when I was meditation snorkeling along behind what looked like a man in black when something flew off the counter in the kitchen.

As I was typing this, I stopped long enough to go out and investigate the area. The book in between the two clocks is the same book Shadow picked out. Spirit Roads by Paul Devereux which I still haven’t read yet given the book pile around this place. Very neatly placed on top of the book was a little blue stone. I’m going to take this as a reminder to read this book immediately which may be helpful with the strangeness I’ve currently been dealing with. It seems like there is someone there trying to guide this whole thing along. We have an inflatable bed in the library at the house we are renovating because my body is hurting all day every day. On two separate occasions over the last month, I’ve heard someone sit down in the chair next to me. I haven’t felt any menace, bad vibes, or anything like that. More like an invisible helper somehow, although I’m still curious about the compass anomalies which happened again today.

I’ve continued my daily Hemi-Sync meditation routine and have continued receiving messages which I’ve tried to follow. Mostly warnings for people, a few of them disturbing, along with flying over strange landscapes and bizarre visions of future events. Still not sure I feel in control of this new gift or ability or whatever you call it. I’m still getting used to the whole receiving psychic messages thing so most of the time I’m trying to get questions answered and slowly stumbling around in the dark. Sometimes it’s hard to hang onto to whatever I get long enough to write it down in my phone after I’m done. And even when I write it down sometimes I still don’t know what it means. There have been so many strange signs and synchronicities over the last few years, it has been going on for as long as I can remember really, that I’ve gotten used to the weirdness and have learned to move in a diagonal to it which allows access to an information flow of sorts. Sounds crazy I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it, I’m starting to understand what the sacred woman of the pipe meant by her sacred way of walking.

One of the messages I got recently in response to my question about what the hell is going on was the word “west”. There was a dot on my places to look map to the west that had been put there by a strange synchronicity. A familiar person turned up in an extremely obscure big hairy monster video that gave me a clear picture of a trailhead access location. One of my questions in all of this is if there really are doors or portals in certain locations then could the big hairy monster be a guardian of sorts? A watchman at the gates of something far stranger than we can imagine? It really doesn’t matter whether you blame the fae folk or bored ultraterrestrials, if there is even a difference, once someone else starts running the show you are clearly not in Kansas anymore. How deep is the rabbit hole, how lost are we, how much have we forgotten? Humanity clearly has no idea what the hell is going on because planet Earth is turning into a fucking shitshow of self-destruction and shiny object creation overload.

We decided to go for a ride Sunday morning towards this location to see what we could find and it started to feel like we were dragging ourselves through quicksand to get there. There was a huge chunk of ice on the car thanks to the recent ice storm that would not come off. More tire pressure games and multiple locations with broken air compressors. Slipped on the ice after breakfast. The chunk of ice was putting up a good fight at the carwash when I could have sworn that a crow came over and told me it was time to go. It flew right to the wash bay from a tree across the street and began squawking at me while flying around outside the door. So I tried to finish quickly and get to the house we are renovating. Speaking of which, it’s funny how things can hide right in front of you.

It never occurred to me looking out those big windows that the crossroads were right outside the window, just past the bend in the river, it sounds silly but it hit me like a ton of bricks. For just a second, everything made sense, and then the veil slid back down. The name game had delivered a powerful message which brought more crossroad related synchronicities. And to think that I’m not the first person who “sees things” to be in possession of this house. Anyway, after the car wash, I looked out those big windows with a friend to see two foxes running along the river. Foxes are not a common sight, and to see two of them is extremely rare. I had the immediate feeling that it was time to go again. We quickly discussed the symbolism along with it’s relationship to the trickster, played the are we really dead game, and then bailed into the car.

The trip became useful fairly quickly because it reminded me there was a huge substation beside the road in the same general area I was shown when I asked “where do the red lights come from?” in meditation one day. This same area has a story about a farmer who abandoned his fields after seeing strange lights clustering around the massive power lines at night. The next synchromystic clue we came upon was not so promising. A large billboard directly referencing a box you really don’t want to open and may not get closed. I was also thinking about the red lights and some very strange events which occurred quite a few years ago during another powerful wind storm because we were heading towards another area that had been heavily damaged by recent storms. So far it has been a predictable trend. The areas of weirdness sit in the middle of heavily damaged areas which has been the cause of much speculation.

Like foxes, you don’t see too many real railroad crossings with lights around here, which made it all the more significant when we passed over it on our way to an area nearby. We were dumbfounded for a moment because this was another part of the pattern. My stomach had started churning and again my breakfast had suddenly become unsettled along with that feeling of being lost or disorientated somehow. It was an almost identical sensory experience to the previous locations for both of us. This particular location had a more dark or menacing feel to it for some reason. Unfortunately, this is a public location but it was walled in with snow and the tiny parking lot curiously had two cars in it whose drivers had decided to plow through the drifts, not to mention the frigid temperatures and sheen of ice on everything. We’ll have to revisit this location when the weather is nicer and go for a walk on the trail. Just say no to getting stuck in a frozen hellscape in the middle of nowhere.

Further down the road, we found a Native American named restaurant with a fairy tale reference on their sign which caused a curious pause. Our compasses behaved in a similar way again, pointing in odd directions only to straighten out after deciding to return home, which has left me wondering what is happening to them and provided some ideas for future experiments. After we returned home there were some profound breakthroughs in something the voices had mentioned to me about helping someone. It was a real mind blower but for the sake of privacy, I’ll have to leave that part out. But it seemed like a bunch of pieces had fallen into place in the weird puzzle we were working on in a profound way. Time will tell where all this goes but the whole thing seemed to free me up for profound clarity of vision in meditation this morning. Have I gone mad? Am I being trolled by mischevious ultraterrestrials and is this what John Keel warned us about? Is there something out by the railroad tracks? Does the unseen world need me to do something important? Not quite sure at this point, but the food is good, and that worries me a little bit.

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