Things I Thought About While Watching Hellier by Planet Weird

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I had come to some conclusions of my own, as a result of study and practice of the body of works that have been written by and about Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law, Thelema, and other related paradigms. These conclusions had a lot to do with the idea of contact — or — rather — communication: not only with the very same types of Entities encountered by Crowley and others, but Contact with what I came to regard as “The Authentic Tradition.” – Introductory Remarks of Johathan Sellers in SECRET CIPHER of the UFOnauts by Allen H. Greenfield

As I sit here trying to put together my thoughts after watching Hellier by Planet Weird, which is proving difficult given the topic, I think my wife said it best. During episode three she said, “Thank God we’re not the only ones.” I knew exactly what she meant. I felt a sense of relief too. It has been an insane last few years filled with a never-ending tide of mind-bending synchronicity that at times was almost too much to bear. Knowing that someone else was out there, experiencing the same things we were, was like getting a big gulp of air after being underwater for too long. To be honest, it has also created even more questions for our little group, but we’re used to the questions. If you have more answers than questions you are probably doing it wrong. And this is what I loved about Hellier. You’re not going to get any answers watching Hellier. But you are going to wind up with some interesting questions.

Many viewers will probably watch Hellier thinking they are consuming another one of those ghost or monsters shows that are in a constant churn on their televisions. Another scary monster story to momentarily distract them from just how fucked up the world has gotten. But they’re not going to get that. Nope. It’s what I was expecting when I hit the play button. Thankfully, what I found instead, was a fly by the seat of your pants Fortean roller coaster ride that was equal parts John Keel, George Hansen, and Philip K Dick. The story may start simply enough with mysterious emails and tales of odd little people living in caves, the origins of which you can read about at Week In Weird, but it gets far stranger. Which is exactly what I would expect to happen when you’re out chasing little people. It’s going to get weird, there is no getting around it.

In my opinion, to truly find something magical, you have to let go and float. You have to get out of your own way and have an open a line of communication. If the phone goes off, answer it. If someone calls you unexpectedly for lunch, say yes. If you wake up at 3 am thinking about pecan waffles at your favorite diner, go there for breakfast. Leave an avenue open for the cosmic pinball machine to nudge you in a new direction. Just shut up and drift. Seek and you shall find becomes something powerful in this space if you let it. But you also have to be careful because you never know what you’re going to find doing this, and let me tell you right now, it can be a risky business. Towards the end of Hellier, John E.L.Tenney gives some sage wisdom on the dangers involved and I would recommend anyone who feels inspired by Hellier to start their own investigation to listen closely.

Hellier came at just about the perfect time for me. To understand why I’d recommend reading through the Experiences and Observations section of this website, All Aboard the Train to Fairyland in particular, along with familiarizing yourself with Arthur Stillwell and the more recent synchromystic works of Andrew W. Griffin. It will prove useful once you reach the end of Hellier and will easily double the number of disturbing questions you are left with. You see, I’ve been doing roughly the same thing that the cast has been doing when they were using The Estes Method to receive psychic messages. Instead of a ghost box, I use The Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute, some other Hemi-Sync CDs, and a dream journal which is all Eric Wargo’s fault. So I’m not the least bit surprised that someone cut off from the outside world, in a slack brain state, can receive psychic information. It happens to me all the time. Robert Monroe told us all about it years ago.

From what I can tell, whatever these things are, they have always been with us and we just need the right nudge to pick up on them. It can also be dangerous in that it can reflect what you are thinking, and because of it’s nature, completely smash what you used to think was real. To me, Hellier is a documentary about a group of people who have been asking for it for a long time and finally getting more than they bargained for. Take a look at the cast bios and you will see that Greg, Dana, Karl, and Conner are all people who were hooked by the phenomenon earlier in life, so when did Hellier really start? It’s a game we like to play around here. How far back can you remember?

Before I forget, as a weird side note, I remember hearing about prehistoric looking footprints around Skinwalker Ranch. Hard to know what to believe given the history of that place but it’s noteworthy in the larger discussion about window areas and portals. Speaking of which, I’d be curious to see where Season 2 of Hellier winds up. I say that because I’m curious to see if electronic disturbances start to become a problem. Or if the cast starts to experience weird anomalies or inconsistencies in their surrounding environment. Missing items, manifestations, or subtle things being a little off or not how they remember them. Because if we are not alone in here (and I don’t think we are), and if whatever is in here with us can turn into anything and reflect our thoughts, then how do you know what’s real? It’s a slippery slope that has permanently damaged more than one person in my inner circle. Listen carefully to John E.L. Tenney.

Hellier from Planet Weird is a fantastic snapshot of true high strangeness told with some excellent cinematography. It reminds me of a combination of Twin Peaks and Andy Colvin’s The Mothman’s Photographer in look and feel. Mind you, I don’t want to get into any arguments about who invented synchromysticism, I’m just glad someone did. As a long time fan of John Keel and experiencer of high strangeness for as long as I can remember, I get Hellier. It has happened to me too, recently. I’m still “in the shit”, as they say in the documentary, and trying to find my way through the maze I’ve found myself in as it shakes everything around me. So be careful out there everyone, because you might find what you’re looking for, and what you’re looking for is driving the bus. Did Planet Weird make this documentary or did the phenomenon?. Something to think about.

Two things jumped to mind during episode 3’s Estes Method session and I’m not sure if they mean anything to anyone. The lore of not wearing red which has come up previously in Missing 411 discussions which tie into this subject and a strange message I got in the middle of the night which woke me up involving a group called Stonebridge or Stonewater. I’ll leave you with a quote from the Exegesis of Philip K. Dick. In audiobook format, it has provided me many synchronous clues much like Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind which is also a fantastic book. Keep a copy of Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson on the nightstand as well, it will serve you well, and is known to be an effective antidote to excessive trolling by ultraterrestrials. Watch Hellier, it is worth your time.

Our minds are occluded, deliberately, so that we can’t see the prison world we’re slaves in, which is created by a powerful magician-like evil deity, who, however, is opposed by a mysterious salvific entity which often takes trash forms, and who will restore our lost real memories. This entity may even be an old wino.

Drugs, communism, and sex and fake plural pathological pseudo worlds are involved, but the pluriform salvific entity, as mysterious as quicksilver, will save us in the end and restore us to true human state. We will then cease to be mere reflex machines. This is the summation of my Kerygma,
spread out throughout my works. – Exegesis of Philip K. Dick

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