All Aboard the Train to Fairyland

Model railway station for All Aboard the Train to Fairyland

It’s funny how the world works if you really watch it. There always seems to be this gentle wind blowing in the right direction, if you can let go long enough to get to where you need to go. The longer you drift it seems like the weirder it gets. Strange has continued to be the order of the day around here. The meditation messages just keep coming and my dream and meditation journals continue to swell with increasing peculiar information. I’m grateful they haven’t been as powerful as the visions I wrote about in A Rough Sketch of Airplane Visions and Gunfire. The warning messages for a particular person have also continued to come and that person ran through the aptly named “four corners” intersection last week and drove into the side of a logging truck. That person is lucky to be alive as the vehicle was destroyed. And again the right person was standing in the right place at the right time to receive all of the details.

What an impossible feeling it is to have seen all of this coming and not know what to do about it. Two very scary automobile crashes in the same household, four total crashes including associated people in the last three months, and I haven’t been able to do anything about it. The number of synchronous events, psychic visions, bizarre occurrences, and cosmic nudges pertaining to all of this has reached a mind-boggling level at this point. Two people besides myself have been conduits for information involving all of this in strange ways. We’ve spent a lot of time breaking it all down hoping to just be crazy because being crazy at this point would be a lot easier. But every time something comes along to confirm the information and just like before it seems to be leading someplace.

There is so much that has happened and I’m not going to write all of it down. I want to protect the places and people involved as best I can. I wasn’t going to write this at all but I know a few people who may find this helpful or understand it. For the record, I don’t know what any of this means, if anything, but I’ll do my best to document our perceptions here. Make of them what you will. Consider this an informal diary of synchromystic liminality. If you’ve read the earlier entries you’ll remember the crash vision and the Coca-Cola portal. Both members of the family have now been in serious auto accidents and the portal has turned up twice. Once near the red and white sign at the boat launch and another time when Andrew from the Red Dirt Report linked an article on Twitter about a giant owl sighting. Steve, is that you?

The area where the sighting is heavily industrialized with a few residential areas nearby. The railroad crossing mentioned sits approximately ¾ of a mile from the entrance and is surrounded by wooded area on West 122nd Street and is across the street from a Coca Cola plant.

The universe always seems to be way ahead of me. I had identified another possible doorway or crossroad area following all the clues and messages so far. But getting out of the house seemed to be impossible because I was waiting for a Christmas package that was last tracked in Elk Grove just north of Alsip. The package fell into a black hole shortly after that and has remained in that black hole for the last 8 days. This delayed our trip and I got up Saturday morning feeling like crap again, everything hurt too much to do yoga, so I watched some videos on Youtube and drank coffee while wondering what dimension my box was in. I was completely blindsided at the end of one of the videos when I realized the glass table the guy was working at was actually a kickass working model train scene. I didn’t give it much thought and after the mail arrived, minus the box, we headed for the house we are renovating in the next town over.

As we pulled into town I saw a little cardboard sign out in front of the Chamber of Commerce with “Train Show Today” written in black marker on it. Later on, I would learn it was a rather odd impromptu model train show, and I still regret not stopping. I’m still getting used to these kinds of things happening every day so sometimes they stun me a little when I see them. No mention of it on the community calendar or social media. Just some handwritten notes that were passed out the day before, one of which was delivered to my friend’s workplace located nearby, which is funny because he missed our upcoming trip thanks to lost package games. When he told me about the train show I knew immediately something was going to happen on our trip to look for more doors.

The next morning before we left the house, Shadow the Cat was rubbing on the pile of books I never have time to read, and out popped Spirit Roads – An Exploration of Otherworldly Routes by Paul Devereaux. Shadow smiled at me and there was another sign that we were going to find what we were looking for. We stopped by the reno and I grabbed up two random pocket compasses out of a pile of ten. All of them had been working the day before when we checked them. My car has a digital compass but I wanted a couple of backups to watch for any magnetic anomalies. From the time I got into the car until we left for home, those compasses refused to work. No amount of jiggling or profanity would make them work correctly during our trip. Once we decided to go home those compasses spun around and started working again. The whole thing was very strange.

After getting some breakfast we headed East and deep into the middle of nowhere. I knew we were getting close when I saw the massive amount of localized storm damage. Just like the other areas we’ve found this one was also hit by the storm. We were disturbed to find our destination was a very private property owners association, just like the last one, only this time we didn’t have a vehicle pass. I decided to head north and pick up the next road. At the next corner we found the most impossible sign, or should I say the second most impossible sign. There on the corner was an old commercial location with the road name of the monster I also wrote about related to my Albino Black Elk message and the phrase “Make it happen”. I just sat there for a minute and scratched my head because it was so crazy. Here again was another expression of the big hairy monster near the “crossroads”.

As we proceeded further down the road we experienced that weird disorienting feeling just like the last time. We crossed over a small single lane bridge that must have fallen straight out of fairy tale which spanned a creek running north to south. On my map we were directly north of the location I wanted to get to but couldn’t. There standing in someone’s front yard, next to their driveway, was an old railroad crossing sign with the lights still on it and a number. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. Pictures were taken and forwarded to my friend so it must be “real” in some sense. But I’m struggling with the ramifications of it being there, right near the doorway location I put on the map with help from invisible friends for a reason I still do not understand, just down the street from the big hairy monster reference. I was also able to locate big hairy monster sightings that were reported near here. I’d recommend catching up on the train crossings by reading Crossings and Predictions by Andrew Griffin and it’s related articles. He does an excellent job of gathering some important information together.

We got to the end of the road to find the back entrance to the private association along with a bunch of old wooden signs with really old names on them. Soon after my car would start to warn me about low tire pressure. This was not a welcome problem because just like before we felt totally lost and disoriented along with absolutely no cell coverage. We drove around the back roads for a long time before we wound up stumbling into that four corners intersection we heard about, which had no air compressor, and had a semi pull right in front of us as we were trying to exit. So here we were at the exact location trying not to get into a car accident of all things. We wound up in the next town over only to find out that it was some sort of electrical malfunction because my tires were fine. It appears the sidetrack was fortuitous because I found the last copy of the county paper I’d been looking for unsuccessfully for days while also identifying the route of travel leading up to the crash along with some other very interesting synchromystic signs.

On the way back I added up the three digits from my total at the gas station and turned onto that mile road to find a giant wooden totem pole for a bear. We continued to take pictures on the way back and noticed the number from the railroad crossing was on a sign right near the front entrance of the private association. The next big intersection on our return trip had a church sitting at an odd angle just like I saw in a vision a while back which found it’s way into a story in the Ship’s Log. Something did fly off my counter just like I wrote as well. For the rest of the day after we returned home, I would continue to experience electrical problems and I sat in front of the computer for a long time before I could get it to work. I don’t know what to make of any of it but it has caused more questions. Always with the questions.

Is it too late? Did I already eat the food on the train to Fairyland and not remember? Are the Gods crazy and trolling us just like John Keel said? Am I trolling myself in some giant cosmic matrix LARP? Is everything really happening in reverse and that’s why it seems so familiar? Did I already travel through a door in the future and it’s just reverberating back through the timeline in some sort of message to myself? What’s going to happen in 2019? Would Bigfoot make a good train conductor? All this and more in the next episode of There is No Spoon!

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