A Rough Sketch of Airplane Visions and Gunfire

Old plane crash being burned away by lightning for A Rough Sketch of Airplane Visions and Gunfire

Sometimes I’m not sure if the things I see in my mind are for the sci-fi story or for things likes this. Part of me wants to hide everything like Easter eggs in fiction because it’s just easier that way. Plenty of the really crazy stuff has already been buried there. At the same time, that also means all the information will be lost to uncertainty, nobody would know for sure what’s real and what isn’t. My hope is that something I write here will help somebody somewhere because I got to this exact moment by first passing through the darkest passage of my life. Black enough to grow a racquetball of cancer and deep enough that I almost didn’t make it out. Along the way, there seemed to be a divine intervention of sorts occurring but I’m not quite sure how you’d test or prove something like that. All I know for sure is that I followed the synchronicities and patterns out of the blackness and found something wonderful.

The only goal I had was to get my health back and find a better way to live. I never expected to accidentally activate what appear to be my inner super powers. It was just a byproduct of the system that fell from the sky. I probably should have expected something was going to happen given the combination of cubensis, lion’s mane, agarikon, and a daily journey through Monroe Institute’s Gateway Experience. Still can’t remember what it was that drove me to buy the Gateway Experience. It was just a sudden and very strong urge to procure it immediately. There were no clues that it was going to completely transform my life. Hemi-Sync is now a part of my daily routine and it’s a rare day when I miss meditation.

I was listening to Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch recently and it’s a wonderful audiobook. David Lynch hasn’t missed a meditation in 30 years and I think his body of work speaks for itself. Twin Peaks by itself is a transformational illumination of the unexplained and just plain odd way the world works sometimes. It was a truly magical experience to have his voice in the room sharing the things he’s learned along the way. Whenever I think I’m going to skip a day of meditation I think of him. I’ve got a huge list of t-shirt ideas in my phone and many of them swam to the surface while I was meditating. So I can relate directly to what he is describing in this book. Even if you’ve read this book before there is no replacing hearing it from the man himself. I could not stop smiling while listening.

Bug on a Plane Windshield

This morning I was woken up by an extremely vivid hypnopompic vision. I was standing outside what appeared to be my grandmother’s old house which is right by where I used to work. The house sits right in the middle of the local triangle of weirdness, for lack of a better term. I’m facing south and looking east into the sky at a military jet which is losing control and there is black smoke coming out of the back. It almost looked like an AWACS with something on top of the plane but as it got closer it had more of an F14/F22 type shape. I’m standing there watching it making erratic turns as the aircraft seems to be out of control as it gets closer and closer. I can hear an alarm being sounded like you might hear at a military base. Before I know it the jet is headed right for me. My body is frozen in place, everything is moving in slow motion, and I’m thinking of the horrible fireball that is about to come and there is no place to run. It was absolutely terrifying and I sat up in bed right before it hit.

Going back to sleep was impossible. I’ll be watching the news to see if any confirmation turns up because of the other visions I’ve had over the last couple of weeks which I’ll get to. It reminded me of an experience I had many years ago within 50 yards of this house one night while leaving work. As I was going to my car, a red light way up in the sky caught my attention. It came down quickly from a very high altitude and turned 90 degrees right before it got to the ground and flew right in front of me over the highway. The craft didn’t make a sound and looked like a glowing red dragonfly as it went over me. You could sort of see right through it like a jellyfish. I was standing there shocked when two fighter jets came rushing in from the north and circled the area where it came down over the property next door. After investigating the area they flew back north so I would assume they were unable to track it at low altitude. Completely blew my mind.

My grandmother had seen a ufo behind her house years earlier hovering over her pond. Someone who lived on the other end of that pond had told me he was having trouble with someone walking around on his roof. He said they sounded like little feet but he could never catch anyone up there. This is noteworthy because there is another house about a mile from here, just past the burial ground, where the homeowners also had a similar problem with “tiny people” on the roof. And an even shorter distance away is someone who has had many experiences of winding up on his roof unexplainably. That particular intersection has provided many orange orb sightings along with the strange craft I wrote about in my review of Penetration by Ingo Swann.

Even More Aircraft Visions

There has been a series of plane crash visions recently. Early in the morning on the 14th (6:14 am) I woke up from a very short glimpse of a crash and wrote “tail number 738” in my dream journal. After I got up I found out that a T-38C Talon had crashed at 7:40 pm the previous evening which left me scratching my head. Was this the crash I saw? As you can see, there are some remarkable similarities although it’s a difficult thing to verify for sure. What really puzzled me is that some of the things I see seem to come from an outside source. And if that was the case, in this instance, then what would be the importance of it? I keep asking myself why there has been a string of aircraft visions recently. I haven’t been watching plane shows, no plane rides, and I haven’t flown the simulator in months now because I’ve been so busy.

On November 16th I had a powerful and very graphic vision of a crash. Here is what I wrote when I finished meditation:

“I saw an airliner crash in someplace cold, there was a lot of ice in water. Rescuers will have to act quickly or a lot of people will die. Trouble with the life rafts or can’t find the life rafts.”

I haven’t found any confirmation for this one yet and hope I don’t. It was extremely vivid and I wasn’t just watching from afar. I was in the freezing water with the other survivors. Strong impression I was looking through someone else’s eyes. There was panic because nobody could figure out where the life rafts were and huge chunks of ice were floating in the water which didn’t bode well for survival. The whole thing left me feeling very disturbed for the rest of the day. It’s one of those things where if I’m just crazy everything will be alright. But if the vision is accurate people will lose their lives and I feel powerless to stop it. Not really a fun place to be but it’s becoming the new norm around here for some reason. All I can do is share it and hope to be crazy or wrong.

The Sound of Gunfire

There was another very graphic and deeply disturbing hypnopompic vision on November 22nd which I wrote down at 5:13 am:

“A shooting in an airport or convention center. Lots of gunfire. The bullets travel a long way through the building because of the construction. Uneven parking lot and long arcing hallway with woodgrain. There was a girl on the floor with bullets punching through the wall above her.”

It felt like I was there. I was out in the parking lot and couldn’t find my car so I went back into the building. There was a large open area and what I thought was a woodgrain hallway. I had the impression that the building was designed to handle a lot of people like an airport or convention center. Other people were there and we heard gunfire. Everyone got down on the floor and we were up against the woodgrain wall. There was a girl in front of me, facing in my direction, who was immobilized by fear. I was yelling at her to get down, but she was just frozen there as bullets started punching through the woodgrain over her head in slow motion, getting closer to her with every shot. The jagged fear caused me to wake up.

The whole thing was fucking horrible and difficult to write about now. It was so vivid. At 9:52 pm that evening at least one gunman opened fire on the second-floor concourse area of the Riverchase Galleria. The woodgrain dividers in that news story picture look exactly like what I saw. An 18-year-old man was shot twice and along with a 12-year-old girl who struck in the back and both are expected to recover. Police also shot and killed Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr., 21, who turned out to be the wrong person. A suspect has been arrested as protests continue. Finding words right now is pretty hard. I’m so happy that little girl is going to be alright but EJ lost his life that day. I’m not sure it happened exactly as it did in my vision but I’ve already seen enough. It will be hard to forget that morning.

I don’t know what to make of all this and always try to remain skeptical of everything that happens to me. For some reason, the visions are getting stronger, more vivid, and disturbing. I’ve had all I can take of airplane visions and gunfire right now. I feel like a rubber band that has been stretched all the way out. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt happy and truly alive. But there is also all of this craziness I’ve been writing about here. Letting go and floating on the surface of the universe has yielded strange fruit without a doubt. What really worries me though is why it’s all happening now because I don’t believe in accidents. Godspeed EJ.

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