#29 Hellfire and Damnation Lasers

Huge fiery explosion for #29 Hellfire and Damnation Lasers

Oh no. I can’t move. The shadowy shapes are standing over Cole as he sleeps. They have some sort of glowing rod that they are pressing on his spine. His body starts to shake like he is being electrocuted. Have to wake up. HAVE TO WAKE UP! One of the shadow shapes turns to look at me and its eyes are glowing red holes which feel like they are probing around inside of my mind. Fear turns itself loose from its chain and runs wildly through me. What are these things and what are they doing to Cole? The shadow who was looking at me turns and starts walking towards the computer terminal in the corner of the room. I summon all the energy inside me and try to force myself back to consciousness. As I sit up in the bed the two shadows turn to look at me with those horrible red eyes. They flicker slightly and then vanish right before my eyes. I race over to shake Cole awake while hoping those things aren’t still in the room with us.

“Wake up, you have to got to wake up, we need to get out of here right now!”

“Ow! What? Have you been beating me up in my sleep because I feel terrible,” groaned Cole who looked visibly uncomfortable.

“Two really scary looking red-eyed shadow beings were just in here with us. They jumped out of a hole on the beach. We need to take the computer and get out of here right now!”

Cole was more than a little disturbed once I told him what had happened. We found an area of red irritated skin on his back where the beings had touched him with the glowing rod. Walt and Steve were right outside the door and neither one of them saw the shadow beings. Steve did hear a high pitched metallic sound for a short time but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Which is kind of strange if his hearing is similar to other owl species. We all decided that whatever is happening here is far too dangerous for us to hang out on the surface any longer. What they wanted with the computer is a mystery at this point but we are going to take it with us and see what can be learned from it. The eerie feeling of menace was still hanging in the air when we headed back up the hill for the landing saucer.

“You guys should probably get out of there. I’m tracking two inbound fighters headed in your direction and they are hauling ass. It was the craziest thing. Those two fuckers came out of nowhere. Nearly dropped my burrito,” came the voice of Jerry over the comms.

“Run! If we can get to the saucer they won’t be able to see us,” yelled Cole who was now ghost white with roses in his cheeks.

We ran until I wasn’t sure I could go any further and we made it back to the saucer just as everything started exploding behind us. The ground shook horribly as the area around the lake instantly turned into a hellish inferno. I didn’t get a good look at the chaos behind us as Cole shoved me into the saucer but it looked horrible. Someone had activated the hellfire and damnation lasers to erase this place. He had us in the air a few seconds later before we even had a chance to strap in. Jerry was able to confirm that we got out of there before they saw us which was great news. Rather not got any of that exploding death ray stuff on us. Yikes. It didn’t take very long to get back up to the ship at the rate Cole was flying and touching down in the hanger was a huge relief.

“Who the hell were those guys and what the hell is happening?” I asked them.

“I would speculate that they were trying to erase whatever we found down there. Your fortuitous decision to save the computer may provide us with some clues although I would caution everyone to keep this information private as it may be dangerous,” replied Steve the owlman as he unbuckled himself.

“It may have been a door to someplace else as you saw in your vision. So maybe the scientists were there to study it or use it somehow,” interjected Cole whose mental wheels were also clearly turning. “Walt and Steve can take the computer up to Jerry for inspection. You and I will check in with Dr. Sophia and see how our two survivors are doing. We may get a lucky break from one of these angles.”

“This whole thing keeps getting weirder. I’m going to need some coffee,” I replied wondering what in the hell the universe had gotten me into. Surely it didn’t save me only to get me blown up horribly on some strange planet. Zap-Zap was waiting for us outside Med-Bay with magic coffee which will no doubt help with the jagged pain that had crept in after our run up the hill. I’m ready for the hurting to stop but given what I’ve been through a little patience may be in order. Dr. Sophia was in agitated state and didn’t have time to talk to us. What we did learn was the little girl had started screaming at roughly the same time the shadow beings came out of that hole. Doc had to sedate her before she hurt herself. How could she know something like that all the way up here on the ship? Did someone do something to her? The mystery man still hasn’t spoken either. Let’s hope we have better luck with the computer.

“Don’t you find it odd that the invisible flying saucer we needed to escape that mess was provided ahead of time? What are the chances of that? What are the chances that I would wake up at just the right time to get us out of there? It seems like someone else is driving this bus and we are just riding along,” I said to Cole hoping to get his thoughts on almost being blown up.

“I don’t understand what is happening either. All we can do is pay attention and see what happens next. Hopefully without getting blown up in the process.”

“Do you think Jerry can get into the computer?”

“He’s our best shot given his addiction to playing Damned Dragons in the Hell Dungeon 11 on the ship’s computer,” replied Cole shaking his head.

“I wondered what he was swearing about. He’s probably smarter than we are. While we were dodging death rays he was playing video games and eating burritos.”

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