The Sucking Sound of Interdimensional Portals

The Sucking Sound of Interdimensional Portals

Everyone Wave at Dogman.

I’m starting to dread writing these things. The things that have been happening to me sound crazy, really crazy. It’s been much easier to write them into science fiction. I wasn’t sure I was going to write this at all but portals started turning up everywhere. My birthday brought with it a host of computer technical problems, some of which I still haven’t fixed, and a new Windows 10 welcome screen with a lighted rock doorway. I just finished a Twin Peaks themed t-shirt involving portals that shot into my head during meditation last week. Redpill Junkie posted the Daily Grail News which included a link to his recent appearance on Where Did the Road Go? involving portals. Numerous posts over at Red Dirt Report by Andrew W. Griffin. The storyline of the new season of the Man in the High Castle, Grant Cameron portals, and Facebook Portal. It seems like interdimensional and fairy portals are bubbling to the surface everywhere. What worries me is how it relates to what has been happening to me recently.

I kept following the leads I was getting in meditation along with numerous synchromystic events and it took me someplace. Deep into the heart of Dogman territory in fact. Numerous leads kept popping up not only for me but also some of the people around me. Ignoring patterns isn’t something I’m good at so we decided to bail into the car and see what we could find. I’m always wary of doing this. Most of my life has been spent in what some people would call a window area. Seek and you shall find can be a dangerous game. Multiple lives have been changed dramatically by the things that happen here. We wound up north of the area where I had the portal experience many years ago. The orange and white orbs tend to occur most frequently south of this area. Although I’m aware of a few ufo sightings in the northern area, one of which involved a very credible witness who saw a massive mile-wide craft that fried his car starter.

The southern section where the orange orbs always turn up contains a unique Native American burial ground. There are also reports of smaller Bigfoot-type creatures farther west from the orange orb area. Dogman sightings tend to dominate the northern area and that’s where we were headed. The last time I went to look for Dogman, which was many years ago, something strange happened that scared the crap out of us. That particular area has always had a very disturbing feeling to it. A dangerous menace hangs in the air and it’s very uncomfortable to drive through. One night we came upon this gigantic deer sitting up in a ditch like a human. We had all grown up with deer outside our windows and this was way bigger than any deer we’d ever seen. It had tremendously huge pointed ears that looked totally out of place. The creature was just sitting there like it was at the kitchen table. I fired off a couple shots with the camera, which came out useless and unexplainably distorted, and then got the hell out of there.

We were sitting at the kitchen table later at home, 20 miles away from this area, when the locked door on the side of the house opened and closed by itself. The three of us had been sitting at the kitchen table discussing how odd the whole thing was and we were discussing going back soon. One open door later and we weren’t doing that again. To give you a little background. Years earlier we had seen what looked like a small deer in my front yard as we were backing out of the driveway. When it turned to look at us it had a snarling wolf’s head and then the creature just walked out of the headlights and disappeared. Absolutely horror movie sort of terrifying. So there is some history to it being sort of a trickster-like shapeshifter. This information will no doubt disappoint everyone doing complex breakdowns of canine behavior in hopes that Dogman is another undiscovered biped like Bigfoot. It also tends to reside in an area near a youth rehabilitation camp which makes me think of Twin Peaks and garmonbozia.

Delicious Carbonated Portals

The location we were being led to by multiple synchronous events and psychic messages is north of Dogman. We wound up in a beautiful lakeside community which at first seemed like a great place. One of my friends wanted to stop and look at a piece of inexpensive real estate someone had mentioned to him. When we got to that spot there was a powerful line of disturbing energy running straight through it. We were able to locate that line again on the other side of the lake. Best way to describe it would be a ley line with a really bad vibration. One of the other messages I had been getting involved something that was described to me as being like witchcraft but much older. Another one of the messages was a lot number that we visited on the way in that felt off but nothing like the menacing energy up the road a bit. The lot turned out to be directly across from from the boat launch we would find later. So our little psychic synchromystic journey was starting to bear strange fruit.

After driving around the place for a while my friend wanted to stop for a cigarette. We pulled into an area next to one of the boat launches and immediately the menacing energy levels shot through the roof. I almost backed up out of there and probably should have. One of our party got right back into the car after getting out because of this energy. Following the synchronous information, we found ourselves there early morning around 10 am. Time of day may be important in these things because my friend had used that boat launch earlier this summer and had not experienced it then. My was friend was smoking a little ways from the sandy old rustic boat launch and I was out there with him and it was unpleasant. There was a powerful disorienting energy coming from the boat launch. We attempted to get closer but the energy became so intense that we had to turn around or evacuate breakfast. It was that bad, like walking into a psychic tornado. We got the fuck out of there but not before noticing the sign.

Next to that boat launch was an old red and white sign. One of the other parts of the crash vision was something described as the Coca-Cola portal which took us to The Other Place. I had no idea what it meant at the time and it was one of the questions that led us out there. When I saw the sign it all started snapping into place. Worse yet, the parents of the person I was getting the danger messages for turned out to live less than a block from this sign. The whole thing really made me worry that the vision hadn’t entirely come true yet and we had found the means for someone to disappear Missing 411 style. There is absolutely no way to prove any of it but I can tell you the energy coming off the beach was the most overpowering energy I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been through some pretty crazy shit.

To Keep Something Out or In?

As we were driving away everyone in the car felt nauseous and disoriented. The feeling would stay with us for quite some time. We flew by the seat of our pants and wound up feeling our way to the east. We would become increasingly disturbed to find miles and miles of equally unpleasant energy like the land had become infected with some sort of dark energy. It was very difficult to not get lost despite knowing where we were at. Almost felt like we were fighting to escape whatever this was. We eventually came upon a very strange property with extremely high chainlink fences and a house set back from the road. There were warning signs about it being a hunting reserve and “armed patrols”. I took a few pictures of the gate so I could investigate further because the fence had to cost way more than the house was worth. Later, I would find the fence makes very little sense when looking from above and was unable to find any other useful information about this ghost property.

While I was taking pictures, which took maybe a minute, a white SUV came out of the woods behind us and started following us. Tried slowing down but they would not pass us. They stayed with us until we rounded a corner. The white SUV stopped for a few seconds to watch us go and then headed off into the parking lot of a public motorcycle trail. I spun the car around so we could see who they were. It was a wet morning and we wound up following their tracks deeper down the sandy trail. We could see where they drove off the edge of the trail as the tracks were very distinct but they had vanished into thin air. No marks in the wet grass. We doubled back and could see where they had come out of the woods north of the fenced property. After that, we just got out of there. The nauseating disorienting was overpowering and we again had the feeling it would be easy to get lost in a place like this.

Everyone felt drained and uneasy after our trip. We evacuated our current plans for the rest of the day and all of us went home for a nap. I was awakened from that nap sometime later by a most horrible insect-like screeching sound in my head. Part of me is interested to see what else we could find but it feels like a game of juggling chainsaws. Something feels like it’s growing out there in the land. Something menacing and far beyond anything experienced before. Unfortunately, short of sensitive people, I don’t know how you’d measure or prove something like that. Always more questions who forgot to bring their friends, the answers. More synchronous signs have occurred since then, including an astonishing one I found while writing this, one of them was absolutely mind-boggling. Before I forget, we wound up going on that drive that day because we overhead someone eating breakfast near us mentioning portals and strange thumping noises they experienced the night before.

Albino Black Elk

One of the really crazy things that happened recently was I woke up at 3 am with the phrase “albino black elk”. It was so powerful I picked up my phone immediately and left a voice note. I didn’t think that part through very well and began to worry my wife would think I’ve finally lost it. After I got up later I remembered Black Elk was a person. After some Googling, I found he was a medicine man and heyoka from the Oglala Lakota. It didn’t take very long to have Black Elk Speaks downloaded to my Audible account. Better yet I was traveling that day and my mind got blown pretty quickly. If you haven’t seen Beast of Bray Road by Small Town Monsters yet I recommend you do so. Lee Hampel’s picture book is worth the price of admission by itself. Once you get done watching it ponder this quote from Black Elk Speaks for a whole new take on the Dogman and Lee’s carnivorous mist.

There is a story about the way the pipe first came to us. A very long time ago, they say, two scouts were out looking for bison; and when they came to the top of a high hill and looked north, they saw something coming a long way off, and when it came closer they cried out, “It is a woman!,” and it was. Then one of the scouts, being foolish, had bad thoughts and spoke them; but the other said: “This is a sacred woman; throw all bad thoughts away.” When she came still closer, they saw that she wore a fine white buckskin dress, that her hair was very long and that she was young and very beautiful. And she knew their thoughts and said in a voice that was like singing: “You do not know me, but if you want to do as you think, you may come.” And the foolish one went; but just as he stood before her, there was a white cloud that came and covered them. And the beautiful young woman came out of the cloud, and when it blew away the foolish man was a skeleton covered with worms.

Talk about stop in you in your tracks. Some of Black Elk’s descriptions of the great vision he received also reminded me of Twin Peaks the Return and the portal scenes. It also reminded me of some of the tales from Skinwalker Ranch. I’ve still got to finish Black Elk Speaks but it has already provided some interesting food for thought. After the quote is a video Andrew linked on Reddirtreport from the article mentioned above. Don’t have time at the moment to go through the discs and find images of portal travel.

I was going to shoot at the kingbird with the bow my Grandfather made, when the bird spoke and said: “The clouds all over are one-sided.” Perhaps it meant that all the clouds were looking at me. And then it said: “Listen! A voice is calling you!” Then I looked up at the clouds, and two men were coming there, headfirst like arrows slanting down; and as they came, they sang a sacred song and the thunder was like drumming. I will sing it for you. The song and the drumming were like this:

“Behold, a sacred voice is calling you;

All over the sky a sacred voice is calling.”

I sat there gazing at them, and they were coming from the place where the giant lives (north). But when they were very close to me, they wheeled about toward where the sun goes down, and suddenly they were geese. Then they were gone, and the rain came with a big wind and a roaring.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know what any of this means or what is happening to me. What I do know is that it’s leading me to some very interesting information so I’m going to keep floating on the waves of the universe and see where it takes me. There have also been some interesting parallels to the recent work of Joshua Cutchin which is still in my reading pile. I’ve found his recent podcast appearances syncing with some of the things I’ve been running into. If I assume for a moment that our perceptions of a interdimensional door or fairy portal on that beach are accurate then the next question would be where does it go. I was told in meditation the other day that the bigger question is who or what is coming out of it, where are they going, and what they are up to.

Was taking a break from writing the final thoughts section and started listening to the Where Did the Road Go? podcast linked earlier in this post. Immediate thoughts based on my own perceptions is that it is something in the land. There seem to be multiple portal locations here in our bigger window area. Not sure how any of that works but we’ve been mapping them out over the span of many years. It concerns me given the current state of the world that these areas feel like they are getting much stronger. Time folding in on itself? Yep, lots of time dilation events. If you read through some of the other posts in this category you’ll also see Dogman has been turning up over and over again. I’ve only written down a small portion of the syncs that have happened involving that topic but it’s been coming up constantly in some very unique ways.

One of the things I have to think about writing these things is protecting the area and the people involved given what I’ve been writing. The last thing I want to do at this point is draw a bullseye on things so other people can start to poke around. I’d rather let the people who are supposed to find it stumble into it. I also have that problem that years ago someone took notice of us and started leaving all the cupboards in the house open but that’s a discussion for another day. Like I said in other posts. Someone watching us watching it. Hope you found something useful here because writing this has been difficult. If it weren’t for the leads I’ve been getting about sharing this with others it would probably be lost forever as another one of those crazy stories you don’t say out loud. I’ve unleashed the crew of the Diagonal22 to help me work through all this using fiction as another tool of investigation. It’s a good place to deal with the craziest stuff.

I almost forgot. Saw Black Elk go by on Twitter this week as a thumbnail for this video. Funny how the world works. Even published on the 22nd.

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