#28 A Portal to Someplace Else

Red laser light for #28 A Portal to Someplace Else

Having a giant gray owlman tell you that you were chasing a ghost that turned out to be real is a hard thing to process all at once. I could see her clear as day but nobody else could. What was I following if it wasn’t the girl I carried out of those woods? Were the visions in my mind a product of some greater power that has been turned loose inside me or was it the glowing sphere? Maybe it’s both. That would make the most sense because nobody else could see it. Questions just keep tumbling out of a box with no lid. There is a weird sort of rush that comes with impossible questions. Kind of like a good buzz coming on. It wraps you up in a warm confusion blanket and reminds you of the absolute absurdity of everything. No matter how serious everything seems we really have no idea what the fuck is going on. The great cosmic pinball machine in the sky is both beautiful and terrifying.

We sent the little girl and the mystery man up to the ship on the landing saucer so Dr. Sophia could take a look at them. We kept waiting for one of them to say something but they both seem to be in a severe state of shock. Zap-Zap was kind enough to send down some magic coffee so I can get some sleep. My mind is racing and Cole will not stop pacing. We’ve got two hulking monsters to watch over us while we try to sleep but that brings little peace at this point. The disturbing feeling in this place seems to be increasing. If it wasn’t for the hope of finding others we would have already left this place. Something dangerous seems to be sleeping in the land here and woe to those that wake it. A wild energy that feels like it’s waiting for you not to be paying attention and then it will strike like lightning.

Everything hurts after my trip through the alien wilderness. I’m just going to lay back and see if sleep will take me. Cole brought down the latest revision of the meditation headset with hopes that it may unlock some information. I’d be happy if it just shut off the disturbing feeling for a little while. The headset audio has received a noticeable upgrade as ocean waves begin to crash around me. Tiny pulses start to spread through the center of my forehead and the racing thoughts in my head just fall away. Invisible waves carry me further and further out into the peaceful emptiness as I roll like a ship on their surface. I slowly begin to drift upwards into something far bigger than any single mind could imagine or even comprehend as images begin streaming past me.

A hand reaches out of the darkness to grab me by the wrist and I am pulled through some sort of membrane followed by a popping sound. I am standing in a field watching men with dark suits and fedora hats who appear to be surveying the land. Everything is illuminated by a green laser grid that is being projected on the ground from somewhere above. Each man is holding a metal staff with a metal box mounted on top of it which they wave slowly back and forth as they walk across the field. Some of the grid intersections turn red as the men begin to pass over them. There is a metallic buzzing drifting on the wind as they begin to trace out a massive circle of red intersecting nodes. One of them stops to light a cigarette and his pale almond skin is illuminated momentarily.

Invisible hands pull me back through the membrane and I find myself standing in a dilapidated old workshop. I am surrounded by human figures wearing something similar to Halloween masks. Each of the masks appears to be handmade from bits of leather, cloth, and discarded remnants from the world’s worst wig store. As I become aware of my surroundings the musky dampness of the mask on my head invades my senses. The body is not under my control but I am riding along and seeing everything through this person’s eyes. They are working on a large vehicle in the center of the workshop that sort of looks like a medium-sized dump truck. Two of them are in the dump box working on a small briefcase-sized object with large wires connected to it. Everyone else is working on other parts of the vehicle and there is a sense of urgency in the air.

A short time later the workers meet outside the barn and depart the area in multiple vehicles. The body I’m in gets into the passenger side of the truck and another man gets behind the steering wheel. After a short drive, he parks the truck at the waters edge on a sandy beach that stretches out as far as the eye can see in both directions. Now that we are out in the light I can see that the dump box looks more like a cleverly concealed dish antenna. The driver accesses a hidden keypad behind the driver’s door and an immense pillar of red light shoots into the sky out of the object in the truck bed. Grains of sand start to dance around my feet as the whole area begins to vibrate. There is the sound of a terrible rending as we run away from the truck.

There is another popping noise and now I’m standing in the woods a short distance from the red and white sign. Hanging in the air over the boat launch is a large spinning vortex of tremendous power. Wind is rushing through the trees as dead leaves are pulled into it. Two shadowy semi-transparent human shapes emerge head first from the spinning torrent. They flicker like an old movie as jagged bolts of electricity arc from their silhouettes to the ground. A light flashes as their hazy outlines suddenly bend into a 90-degree angle followed by another flash which illuminates their now upright forms on the sandy beach. I can see right through the shadowy shapes which now appear slightly larger and more hulking than a human male. Illuminated red eyes blink open on their faces as they turn and start walking towards the cluster of buildings we are currently residing in.

A loud cracking sound like that of lightning shakes the ground and the vortex snaps closed like someone just turned it off with a switch. The debris hanging in the air slowly drifts to the ground as an overpowering silence descends over the land. Have to get back there and warn the others. What is this place and where did that vortex come from? It must be a portal to someplace else. An interdimensional door of unknown power. So many questions but there is no time now. I try to focus on a vision of my body laying there in bed and hope I can make it back before they reach the camp.

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