#27 An Accidental Game of Hide and Seek

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There is something deeply disconcerting about someone who is currently in a state of shock. The man we found on the roof looks like he’s seen something completely mind shattering. He is unable to communicate with us at this point which further contributes to the already disturbing atmosphere hanging around this place. Something is fundamentally off about this area. It gets you right in the pit of the stomach, you can’t quite reach out and touch it, but you can feel it hanging out there just out of reach. If anyone ever asks me for tips on travel destinations I will not be recommending Trevia 7. Just about anything can happen in a place like this and it’s all about the waiting now. I remember feeling like this before but I can’t remember where precisely. A deja vu of amnesiacs descends momentarily.

“We can either try to snap him out of it or sedate him,” stated Cole who was staring out of the front door as he pulled drags from the weirdest looking electronic cigarette I’ve ever seen.

“We need to get him out of here as fast as possible. I do not have a good feeling about this place,” I said feeling a surge of fear run through me.

“There may be others like him. We have to stay here until we know for sure. Maybe we can find their personnel logs and see who else is missing,” replied Cole who began digging through a storage cabinet. “Check the computer in the next building and see what you can find.”

An uneasy silence hung in the air as I walked to the next cabin. It was just starting to get dark if you could call it that. Everything was getting a deeper shade of green. For a moment, there was a strange metallic buzzing sound floating on the wind and then it was gone. We have got to get out of this place. I can smell Walt nearby smoking another one of those cigars but that doesn’t bring any comfort. Danger seems to be hanging in the air. Searching through the drawers and cabinets didn’t produce any helpful information other than everyone wears their own numbered jumpsuit. Despite my best attempts, I was unable to access the computer which just kept asking me to verify my access level. Seems like strange protocol for a group of scientists studying an alien planet. I hear something shuffle behind me but when I turn around there is nothing there. It feels like someone is watching me.

The sound of screaming rattles me out of my paranoid daze. Uncontrolled totally visceral screaming. I race back to find Cole trying to hold down the mystery man who is now thrashing uncontrollably in the bed we had put him in. The only thing we could do to make him stop screaming was to sedate him with supplies Cole had brought down in his emergency pack. A cold chill has descended over the entire area and it feels like the wind is blowing inside the building. From off in the distance came a low deep thumping that sounded like an industrial machine hammering away at a task. You can almost feel it in the floor.

“You guys aren’t going to believe this. I just saw a white forest rover come out of a path in the trees and then it just vanished. It was there and then it was gone. There are even tracks on the ground and they stop in the same place it disappeared,” came the voice of Steve over the comms. “You better get over here and check this out. Walt will keep an eye on our mystery man.”

We found a rover parked next to one of the nearby buildings. The six-wheeled machine looked like it could handle just about any terrain and it didn’t take long to get around the lake to where Steve was waiting for us. He was standing next to what looked like a boat launch or constructed beach. On the right-hand side of the launch was a white sign with red stripes on the top and bottom of it with the word “Danger” on it in bold letters. No mention of what kind of danger though. I didn’t have much time to worry about that because my stomach begins flipping while the world feels like it’s spinning around me. Severe nausea is now threatening to interrupt our trip to the beach. Cole is looking at me and it’s obvious he’s feeling it too.

“Can we get away from here? Whatever that is we’re feeling might be dangerous to us physically. I saw that sign when I passed out.”

As Cole backed the rover away from the beach the feeling began to diminish but the energy was still very disturbing. A terrifying immense sense of danger and an almost panicked need to leave this place ran through me. I caught sight of her when we got out of the rover. The little girl was dressed in white and running into the forest. Pieces of my vision dropped into place and I was running after her before I even realized what was happening. Steve and Cole are shouting behind me but their voices seem far off and unimportant like a dream someone else if having. Have to catch her before she gets too far into the woods. I can only see glimpses of her as she disappears behind trees and bushes almost as if she’s fading in and out. She is running a lot faster than you would expect a girl of that size to be capable of.

Deeper into the strange alien forest we go as the fatigue starts to set into my aching body. She doesn’t appear to hear me yelling at her. She just keeps running. Have to catch my breath. As I lean gasping against a tree I notice the eery silence again. Not a sound anywhere. Time feels short now so I keep going. There is a sense that something else is here with us now. Like a shadowy other is doing the same thing that I am. Chasing the girl in white. She stops at a tree up ahead and when I get there she is gone. I circle the entire area around the tree looking for her. Leaning against the tree my body will go no further. I hope Steve is up above us somewhere watching all this because I have to stop. The sound of sobbing comes from behind the tree. A chill ran through me again. I just circled this tree less than 30 seconds ago.

A little girl maybe three years old in a little white dress is now leaning against the back of the tree with the same terrified look on her face that the other person we found had. She doesn’t seem to see me at first but when I pick her up she snaps out of it enough to hang onto me and stop crying. I don’t understand where she came from. As I turn around to carry her out of the forest I catch sight of a small glowing white sphere hanging in the air off to my right. When I move my focus to it the sphere shoots straight into the sky at incredible speed. Incredible waves of fear race through me uncontrollably, immobilizing me for a moment, moving is almost impossible. There is a heavy thump behind me and I turn to find Steve the giant owlman standing behind me.

“What was that?” he asks me while pulling his wings in.

“I have no idea but the energy coming off it was terrifying.”

“Where did you find her? You just ran off into the wilderness yelling at the top of your lungs,” he replied with his head cocked.

“I was chasing her. She was at the edge of the forest when we got out of the rover.”

“There wasn’t any little girl at the edge of the forest and you weren’t chasing anyone. I was right behind you the whole time,” said Steve who seemed completely taken by surprise.

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