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Full Derail Mode Activated

Trying to write a Hunt for the Skinwalker movie review has proven to be difficult. Where do you start with a topic as big as Skinwalker Ranch? It resides in the weird intersection of paranormal phenomenon, ufology, parallel universes, and the shadowy puppet strings of the intelligence services. The first time I watched this documentary and the extras it left me feeling a little pissed off. It became clear early on that someone is still keeping their thumb on this whole thing. My immediate takeaway was that people renting this film were getting a sort of tweaked reality tunnel when compared to the additional information in the extras provided to the people who purchased the film. I also felt like Robbie Williams and Above Top Secret were brought out for an official armed tour to knight Jeremy Corbell as the new and improved George Knapp 2.0.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp were willing to wade into this mess and bring us what they could. But we still have the deafening silence of things purposely unsaid thanks to people using our tax dollars to keep secrets from us. What is even more troubling is the question of why it’s happening at all. Why tell us about it? What is the ultimate goal of the long slow drip of Skinwalker Ranch, Pentagon UFO, and To the Stars Academy? According to George Knapp in the film, we haven’t even heard about the much bigger intelligence program that operated with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. And that takes us right back to some very disturbing questions about what’s really going on because Jeremy is now quoted as saying there are four UFO programs in what appears to be a well organized social media campaign.

The part of me that is a fan of the Skinwalker Ranch story thought this was a great movie even though I was already familiar with most of the information. But I couldn’t shut off the little voice in the back of my head that something is wrong here. By the time I got through the purchase extras that voice was shouting. You see, I grew up in an area with similar activity. I’ve seen the giant wolves, many objects in the sky, the plasma balls, what appeared to be shapeshifters, disturbances under the ground, time dilation, missing time, poltergeist activity, vanishing objects, possession, severe health problems, even the trenchcoat-wearing interlopers minus the dog’s head. The trouble was that it seemed at some point that someone had started watching us watching it.

It Reads Like a Sci-Fi Movie

Hollywood would be hard-pressed to come up with a more interesting cast of characters. Robert Bigelow the reclusive billionaire and founder of Bigelow Aerospace who believes the aliens are already here. He comes from a family of experiencers, which should cause anyone who has read a decent amount of John Keel to give pause, there is even an alien head on the side of the Bigelow Aerospace building. For a long time, he was accompanied by Colonel John B. Alexander who is easily one of the most interesting people in the world. As you would expect, a man of that caliber knows how to get things done, the trouble is there are some questions about what those things were. He told Jesse Venture point blank on camera that he was the one who arranged for the FAA UFO reports to be sent to Bigelow Aerospace. I keep wondering why would they do that, why the Carpenter Affair, and why MUFON. What were they looking for? At times it seems like they are very focused on the experiencers.

Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite investigator Jacques Vallee who said this to The Daily Grail in 2006.

Daily Grail: On those connections – you were a member of the scientific advisory board for the National Institute of Discovery Science during the investigation of the so-called ‘Skinwalker Ranch’. The recent book by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher on this investigation featured a great deal of anecdotal evidence for anomalous craft, strange beings and poltergeist-like phenomenon. From your point of view, do you feel this investigation was a success, and were there any aspects that were of particular interest to you?

Jacques Vallee: I am still a member of that Board, now restructured under Bigelow Aerospace, so I feel bound by the non-disclosure agreement I signed.

I have very much enjoyed and learned from Jacques Vallee’s contributions to the UFO topic over the years but this always hangs in the back of my mind. Before we ever heard about the hanger full of mystery metals at Bigelow Aerospace in the New York Times we had Jacques doing a presentation on mystery metals at Contact in the Desert of all things. He told Red Pill Junkie something mind-boggling about their properties. At some point, it sounds like he arranged for a religious scholar to tour alleged UFO crash sites and she mentions the careful review of her book before publishing. Maybe I’m wrong, but this whole Pentagon UFO track we are on now feels like it’s being carefully orchestrated. While we are on the topic of Mr. Vallee, go look at the Wikipedia entry for Spriggan, and then enjoy some free deep thoughts about Skinwalker Ranch.

We also have the shadowy new owner who is willing to be filmed from the neck down along with his totally unobscured armed security guards. If you are lucky enough to have purchased this film go watch the extended interview with the new owner and focus on his body language while you listen. So we have a shadowy new group of people who are getting into running battles with whatever this is? I’m not feeling confident for one simple reason. There are many people in the area who have serious health problems and want to know if the government is involved somehow. What does this shadowy new group call itself? Adamantium Real Estate, or should we say A.D.A.M.antium Real Estate? What a great message to send all those concerned neighbors. Take a look at some of the other key players thanks to skinwalkerranch.org.

Men In Black and Blurred Lines

One of the things that struck me about this documentary was the lack of a couple really important people who have years of experience on the ground. Ryan Skinner and Ryan Burns were out there long before Pentagon UFO was ever a thing reporting on some very strange things. They have also covered the involvement of various shadowy groups operating in the Basin. There is way too much information to cover here but I’ll give you two of my favorite parts. You can get copies of all Ryan’s Skinner’s book from Amazon. I have enjoyed all of their books and they provide some important information in all of this. First is a quote from the last page of Ryans Burn’s book Skinwalker & Beyond which is available at Lulu:

“I have even been contacted by people who are so connected they have a “free pass” as they have called it to just about whatever they want. Being virtually above the law must be nice. This individual offered me some opportunities I could not pass up. I had to agree that I could not breathe a word of it to anyone. I have kept my promise. It was worth it, but I didn’t like having something held over my head. As jealous as I was of someone who is virtually above the law, it isn’t for me. I seem to do ok working within its parameters and best of all don’t have to answer to anyone. I only mention this individual because I was able to see a plasma orb in the daylight.”

Here is Ryan Burns doing Q&A for the Skinwalker Ranch movie in 2013 with some rather interesting information:

One of the things that always comes up is what is the government up to? If you read all the links this far you should have quite a few questions if you weren’t previously up on this topic. It sure seems like a situation of a genuine phenomenon occurring that is being blurred by purposeful deception. Where did that plasma ball that Ryan saw come from, and if it was truly anomalous how did they know how to find it? How do we separate government activities from the other phenomenon? Reading the books by the two Ryans will lead you to some real head scratchers involving what appears to be military involvement. This is even suggested on the Hunt for the Skinwalker website in an article entitled Project Chameleo and Skinwalker Ranch by an unknown author and it appears none of this information made it into the film. Even the Carlyle Group seems to have their hands in Skinwalker Ranch. Now is also a good time to read the Unexplained Cattle Deaths paper from NIDS that also brings up some good questions about that calf carcass you see in the film.

In the movie we see Corey Serawop talking about hearing a voice in his head while seeing something in the sky. Here is a small excerpt from Conspiracy Theory showing something similar and it seems like this voice has a human source as the full episode shows them being followed when this happens. It is worth tracking down:

Final Thoughts

No matter how you slice it there are some very strange things going on at Skinwalker Ranch. And I keep asking myself why. What is the purpose of all this? Having grown up in one of these areas I have a hard time believing it was all some government program, parts of it sure, but the energies we encountered operated well beyond our normal comprehension of time. An energy that knows what you are going to do before you do it. I agree with John Alexander on this point, but as we know now, some parts of this interview are easily refuted. Why is someone who is quite arguably a war hero confirming a very important detail about the phenomenon while simultaneously working to lead us astray?

How many man hours are being spent on the counter-intelligence program that Grant Cameron is swimming around in involving portals? We are very briefly shown the strange twin towers appearing in the pasture but we are given very little information before the video disappears.  Weirder still I get some of what he’s saying. I’ve watched a portal spin open over the car we were in and when we tried to drive away something lifted the back of the car up for a moment. We were watching a strange fenced up property in the middle of nowhere. Stranger still, we recently found another one of these areas following the synchronicities I’ve been writing about in some of the posts before this one. At times, it has felt that the phenomenon is all about the questions and the strange nature of reality.

The most important question I want to be answered is what word was censored in George Knapp’s extended interview in the bonus features? To their credit, Jeremy and George are willing to tell us there are still things they can’t say out loud. I want to know why. What is it that is still too scary to say out loud? Why is it in the movie extras that the new ranch owner clearly says he has multiple staff who have received serious life-threatening injuries while working on the ranch? He even mentions ultraterrestrials at one point and everyone who rented the movie will never know that. It feels like tiered information control or perception management. Here is another thing that was never said out loud in the movie but was freely shared before the movie ever came out.

Then from 2008 till 2011 we had BAASS, that led another intensive multi-disciplinary scientific investigation. This government study of Skinwalker Ranch was funded through the DOD (Department of Defense) / DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) / DWO (Defense Warning Office) to support AAWSAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program). – Mysterious Universe

Who are they keeping happy with this sort of thing? Is there a strategy involved? It sure feels like it to me. I appreciate that George and Jeremy were able to bring us this information, for me though, it has produced more questions than answers once I started to look at it. Something strange is going on and I want to know why. Should you watch this movie? Absolutely, but buy it for the extras, if you don’t you are truly missing out. The extended interview with Robbie Williams is worth the price of admission by itself and there are some real easter eggs hidden in the rest of the extras. Just remember to wear a helmet and keep your wits about you.

I’ll leave you with George’s Presentation at UFOFEST with is worth watching. A couple of interesting tidbits are found here.

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