The Trouble With Knowing Ahead of Time

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It didn’t take long to learn the trouble with knowing ahead of time. I posted A Precognition of Storm Damage: The Aftermath on Friday and by Saturday night another vision had come true. The woman’s husband did in fact crash. He was driving his wife’s prized SUV when it left the road and went crashing through the trees. The vehicle was destroyed and he is very lucky to be alive. I heard about it a week later and my blood ran cold. Fear had immobilized me and I couldn’t find a way to tell someone I didn’t really know about all of this in person. It could have been a lot worse. Somebody could be dead right now. My nifty new ability suddenly felt like an impossible responsibility. I am so thankful that their little daughter wasn’t in the vehicle. Why me and for what purpose? Why did that vision come to me of all people?

We don’t have a lot of details so it’s impossible at this point to dissect the entire vision. When I saw him in the vision he disappeared around the corner of the house and the helicopter crashed a short time later. The vehicle crash happened as he was going around a corner. I have no idea how far he was from home or how close he got to requiring a helicopter ride to the hospital. I’d really like to find out if he was missing for a while after the crash because in the vision they couldn’t find his body. Or is there something else still looming on the horizon for him that hasn’t happened yet? A downward slide that hasn’t quite arrived? Pieces of the vision are still a puzzle to me and I wonder if more answers are coming. At this point, I’m a little worried about getting them though.

The way the confirmation came was every bit as strange as the circus clown’s confirmation of another vision. In another instance of perfect timing, the right person was in the right place, talking to the right person. I never would have heard about it otherwise. No mention of it in the news and I’ve spent some time digging to be sure. The other thing I learned was the wife doesn’t believe his explanation at all which may tie into some of the other messages I was given. I still don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I’ve been broadcasting this information in her direction during meditation in hopes that she might pick up on it. My only option at this point is to wait and see if a synchronous opening presents itself because I’m still trying to grasp all that has happened. I’m not in a place where I feel confident enough to just start making announcements to random people. My understanding of Chapel Perilous is deepening.

Hidden inside the sound of that helicopter impact was a giant ball of grief that opened up in me when the time was right. The unblinking implosion of someone’s perfect life laid bare. It’s true what they say. You never really know until your in someone else’s shoes.

Extreme Turbulence

I’ve started having really wild and visual dreams. I went through my dream journal for the last couple of weeks and seriously what in the fuck. On the 8th I recorded that a man named Forest was giving me brightly colored candy that was labeled “KNOW”. They looked like little multicolored Twizzlers. Then on the 9th came the monster apocalypse. Every possible permutation of freakish mutant monster ever imagined was tearing the world apart and murdering everyone. There was an impossible number of monsters. Nobody stood a chance as everything in front of them was crushed. Everyone was running.

Eventually, a few of us had retreated to some sort of underground vault or lair. We wound up running straight towards the worst monsters of all. They were like vampires on steroids and crack. Giant metal drawers were set into the wall and it turned out to be what they slept in. Imagine two of those old cast iron cornbread cob pans standing on edge facing each other like clamshell packaging. The assemblies would roll out of a slot in the wall before opening. Somehow in the dream, I managed to trap them by welding the two halves shut and that is the last thing I remember.

Next thing I know I’m hiding behind a window while an orange witch head fastened at the neck to a four-sided speaker box is broadcasting “Why won’t you encode?”. I tried to blockade the window but it wouldn’t go away. One nightmare right after the other. The reference to encoding did make me think of The Gateway Experience manual where it is mentioned. But after reading it again I still don’t understand the message if it’s a message at all. After that, I was on the run and someone was trying to kill me. At first, I had a getaway car I couldn’t figure out how to operate that was stuck in slow motion. When I got to my destination I discovered houses that absorb insects and birds somehow. The discarded remains were funneled down to a trough that surrounded the buildings. Then the image of a child on a bicycle in the street which was weirdly synchronous with a news story I saw later.

On the morning of the15th, I saw myself sitting in the upstairs living room of my deceased grandmother. My old bicycle was sitting behind the couch and the crank arms were missing. The bottom bracket bearing is smoking and we can’t figure out where the smoke is coming from or why everything smells like candles. I went up in the attic the next morning and there is that bicycle sitting with no crank arms right next to some of the wife’s candles. Right above the downstairs light fixture and wiring that need replacement. I already have the supplies to do this so I better get that done soon. The following morning I had a very strong vision of an alarming gigantic sea slug monster. It was the kind of thing you’d see Godzilla fighting in some old movie. The monster was white with black stripes and a frightful creature. There weren’t any boats big enough to stop it. I’ve had all I can take as far as monsters go for a little while.

A Light in the Sky

The universe must be testing the plasticity of my brain parts because Monday morning started with a bang. I experienced a very strong hypnopompic vision right before waking up. It was like being in a movie. I was standing on a family members back porch where lights have been seen off and on for my entire life. There is a completely sci-fi UFO dogfight going on. The UFOs looked like low budget B-movie props. Two pie plates stuck together with rectangular windows cut in the top pie plate and everything but the windows were glowing orange. They were completely and totally ridiculous looking in every way. To ratchet up the absurdity a yellow float plane that was knocked out of the air by the dogfight crashed right in front of us which caused me to wake up.

At this point, I was just scratching my head wondering if I somehow accidentally rewired my brain to intercept SyFy Channel broadcasts. Just like every morning, I headed towards the entryway with Shadow the cat to see his sister. The entryway has a good view of the sky and I knew immediately something was out there. I could feel it. So I looked out the window to see a white light crossing the sky slowly at about the altitude I see the local air traffic and it was coming right at me. I opened the door and went outside to discover an uneasy silence. It would have been 5 am give or take a couple minutes. An object that looked like a white plasma ball slowly drifted over the house and didn’t make a sound. I watched it go out of sight.

It was an absolutely mind-boggling sequence of events. The human brain can only process so much absurdity at one time and mine began skipping for a little while. It was really nice to have a few days of t-shirt design scheduled for this week to distract me. Writing this all down has been difficult. I feel like someone has put me through the ringer. So much has happened again and there are still so many dangling threads. Given how things have been going lately it’s only a matter of time until they start popping up. I was going to write down my thoughts on the Hunt for the Skinwalker movie this week but I need a break from total brain overload. I’m going to bump up the newsfeed buffer tomorrow and then play some guitar or weave a basket or something. Now I understand how some people wind up living in a monastery. It’s the trouble with knowing ahead of time.

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