A Precognition of Storm Damage: The Aftermath

Picture of dark tornado clouds for A Precognition of Storm Damage: The Aftermath

The Helmet Weather Arrived

Did I experience a precognition of storm damage? When I finished writing Adventures in Hypnagogic States, Psychic Visions, and Synchronicity #2 I had no idea the level of devastation that was already piled up around me. The previous evening’s storms had delivered powerful straight-line winds and 6 tornadoes which flattened portions of Michigan. According to the National Weather Service, the same system also caused 19 tornadoes to develop in Wisconsin. We were extremely lucky that the storm missed us. Many others were not so lucky. Over 100,000 people were without power following the storms and some of them didn’t get power back until Sunday. Needless to say, that precognition of the damaged pole floating in a swimming pool has taken on a whole new and more powerful meaning. The end of the week saw more storms and tornados roll through although their impact was much smaller.

You can see some photos of the damage posted by viewers on one of the local news sites. You won’t be able to watch their news coverage on your antenna though because their transmitter station burned to the ground shortly after the storm. The storm damage appears to be still causing problems because crews were dispatched to another fire caused by downed power lines today. We went for a drive last Thursday to survey the damage and it was a little terrifying given that we weren’t even in the heavily hit areas. Everywhere you looked there were downed trees, smashed cars, and roof damage. It was the first time in my life I remember seeing the Red Cross Disaster Relief Services set up alongside the road to help people. Local stores were posting signs in their doors welcoming residents to use their bathrooms.

I’ve got some beat poet influence thanks to my time working in the library when I was younger. When I wrote “I’m sensing helmet weather” I had no idea that it was a message. It was just one of those things that popped into my mind and captured the mental unease I was feeling about what might happen next during this weird trip I’m on. Before I knew it portions of Michigan were teetering precariously on the edge of meltdown. Most of the time, as we go about our daily rituals, we really don’t think too much about how quickly it can all unravel. The grocery store you always go to suddenly has a tree sticking out of it or going to the bathroom suddenly requires a complex strategy. Despite our collective human accomplishments, we are still totally screwed when the planet we are living on has the hiccups.

Turbulent Thoughtforms

It was a weird feeling to go from writing about apocalyptic themes and precognitive visions I didn’t fully understand to seeing them brought to life in front of me. I’m relatively new to this whole precognitive vision thing. I’ve been having anomalous experiences my entire life but never quite like this. Over the years an occasional dream warning would pop up, once in a blue moon, but precognition wasn’t commonplace. Although I do look at the strange events of the last couple years in a new light after cancer came along to turn everything upside down. The whole thing changed my life in dramatic ways and put me on this track. The Gateway Experience appears to have activated something that laid mostly dormant inside of me. Everything makes a weird sort of sense now but it’s difficult to put into words.

I’m not quite sure what it was that led me to acquire a copy of that program. It was just something I felt deeply compelled to do for a reason I didn’t understand. After everything comes crashing down around you it’s a little easier to let go and just roll with it. So many of the practices I put into place to get better seemed to be broadcast from someone that knew better than I did. Someone who could see the whole picture while I was still wandering around with blinders on. My mind is now constantly defragmenting a combination of John KeelRobert Monroe, George Hansen, and Eric Wargo in its search to find answers. At the same time, I’ve totally let go and opened my sails so the universe can blow me in the right direction, which has begun to serve me quite well.

The strong visions I was experiencing have been taking a breather over the last week or so. My brain still seems to be coming to grips with all of the things that have happened recently. Every time I leave the house there is another broken tree to remind me of the apocalyptic themes I wrote about recently. I can see now how easily all of this can come crashing down around us. The non-stop devastation in Japan and recent events in Hawaii have put an exclamation point on that thought. There was a message yesterday in meditation that there is going to be more powerful storms but I always try to remain skeptical to avoid dropping down rabbit holes. The last few years have taught me how little I know about what’s really happening and highlighted quite clearly that things are not what they seem.

Messages From Near and Far?

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how much of this is coming from an external force and how much of it could be retrocausal reverberations from the future. There are certainly arguments to be made for both of those possibilities in my own experiences. Right now it still feels like a combination of both. The pole in the pool vision came to me at the time of the day when I’m looking for NVC contacts which are happening just like Robert Monroe said they would. I usually write posts over the span of a couple days and I put the keyboard down yesterday during the previous sentence. Powerful images woke me this morning as if to answer this paragraph.

I think the problem with telling them apart is they would be coming through the same sensory mechanism. The images this morning were very visual and powerful before I got out of bed. It was a warning again about somebodies husband. I was talking to him and his wife and then he got into a helicopter that crashed shortly after it took off. In the vision, I was standing behind some houses looking at the back of the hospital with the impression it crashed nearby. There were searches launched but they couldn’t find his body which was odd. Eventually, a portal is located to The Other Place during the search and we wind up getting pulled through and can’t get back to our reality. Once I got there I found myself back in a church that I had seen a few weeks ago in a vision.

So in meditation this morning I went looking for NVC contacts to try and learn more. I was able to get multiple questions answered in a very short amount of time. The whole thing is quite strange because I don’t know these people very well. The message I got in meditation was that I needed to help them somehow because trouble is coming. How am I going to do that? All I can do is wait and see if any of these things are even accurate. So far some of the images have been very symbolic and not immediately obvious until after they happen. Where do you even start with something like this with someone you don’t know very well. Hello. I’ve been having bizarre visions of the future and your husband is going to crash, so flying might not be a good option right now, and if he has been missing recently he’s up to no good.

While we are on the topic of aviation I wanted to link this article about a plane crash near Mackinac Island. When I wrote Adventures in Hypnagogic States #2 I briefly touched on flying to Mackinac Island. How weird is it that a few days later a plane crashes there? It certainly wasn’t anything I was consciously thinking about or had any visions of. I do remember thinking about the steeply banked turn before coming in for a landing. But nothing to suggest anything of the sort was going to happen. So I’m left again scratching my head thinking about the timing of it all. What does it mean, if it means anything at all? Where to draw the line on synchronicity is not always so clear.

Other Noteworthy Things

One of the other things I’ve been working on for the last few months is Manifesting with Hemi-Sync by Dr. Joe Gallenberger and The Monroe Institute. I’ve also been experimenting with the Liquid Luck CD which is available from his website. Something about Dr. Gallenberger really resonates with me and his three-part appearance on New Thinking Allowed really got my wheels turning. The Monroe Institute had already transformed my life in a powerful way so it’s was easy to go along for the ride and see what happens. There have been numerous instances of powerful and perfectly timed events that seem to be manifestations. I’ll try to remember and write about the bicycles story at some point but I want to keep on track right now.

I’ve been working on some t-shirt designs as another way to unleash my creativity. It was something I was going to do years ago. I sat behind a counter for many years while a beautiful pile of Japanese guitars gathered dust like everything else in my life. Once dropping dead became a real option it really highlighted how lost I had become as a person. Not doing that anymore. I was stuck on an old version of Photoshop CS3 and really wanted an improved system so I could make better designs. Been keeping myself on a tight budget as best I can while I’m healing up after some expensive trips through the hospital. Adding something to my monthly expenses left me cringing a little bit even it was only $11. Those t-shirts weren’t going to design themselves and lots of the good tutorials involve people using modern software. So I bit the bullet and went for it which turned out to be a great idea because Photoshop CC is awesome.

While Lightroom was busy installing I decided to check the lottery tickets I had from the last few weeks. I used to play twice a week for many years and my luck was positively terrible. After the Dippin’ Dots Dogman synchronicity I started going to that out of the way gas station to get my weekly tickets. My question was is there a reason my attention is being brought to this gas station? Why not experiment and see what happens? Go with the flow and see where it takes me. A winning ticket worth $200 had been sitting right next to me for over a week. My additional expense was immediately offset in the most perfect way. I don’t know what to make of any of this but I’m going to keep drifting on the winds of the universe to see what happens next.

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