Adventures in Hypnagogic States, Psychic Visions, and Synchronicity #2

Picture of woman with open third eye meant to represent hypnopompic images for Adventures in Hypnagogic States, Psychic Visions, and Synchronicity #2

I’m Sensing Helmet Weather

The last few weeks have been pretty weird and hypnopompic images have been the new norm. Since the previous installment, a panoply of oddities have popped up in jack-in-the-box fashion to both dazzle and amaze. Their cranks turned by invisible hands attached to something greater. I don’t know what to make of any it. I’m grateful for the wisdom of Robert Anton Wilson, Douglas Adams, and Terence McKenna at times like this. Go ahead and take the cosmic funhouse ride, just remember to keep your wits about you and most importantly, don’t panic. I’ll try to keep this all in chronological order but so much has happened that it may prove difficult.

Shortly after I wrote #1 there came a curious sight outside my bedroom window. At first, there was a strange metallic vibration echoing through the neighborhood. I was lying awake, sore and unable to sleep, it was loud enough to wake my wife up. Two large balls of whitish yellow light were flying right at tree level at the end of the next block traveling south to north. The sound went from shrill metallic to deep and throaty like a WWII fighter. They were lined up in a straight line, one in front of the other, and moving in unison. I have no idea what it was but it didn’t fit anything I know about modern aircraft lights. I grew up in and around aircraft thanks to my grandfather who was a pilot which turned me into a bit of an aviation geek. He used to fly us for family outings to Mackinac Island and if I was lucky I’d get to steer for a minute. I’ve been to many airshows over the years, visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force numerous times, and spent countless hours flying simulators in my home cockpit.

The whole thing was very strange. I had a similar sighting many years ago after delivering a subtle energy experiment into an area where we were seeing large orange orbs and smaller white orbs. After I got home I heard a strange sound, it’s been so long I can’t be sure if they were similar sounds, and I went out onto the porch. Coming from the same area in the sky were two giant white orbs that flew right up our street in a residential neighborhood. They were just above the trees and sat at the intersection right outside our house for a second before flying back off the way they came. I was shouting for my wife but she couldn’t hear me despite being right on the other side of the open door less than 10 feet away. Once again I was robbed of a readily available witness in an unexplainable way.

You get used to it after a while. I’ve lost track of the number of strange things sighted in the skies here over the years. Something strange happened, what’s new, so I forgot about it. In the meantime, I was focused on figuring out what was beyond Focus 21 from The Monroe Institute, and I found this handy focus levels chart. I reviewed Journey’s Out of the Body but I hadn’t read the second book yet so it was new information for me. The goal was to find anything available from them that contained Focus levels beyond 21 in a way that I could do from home if possible. Traveling to another state for a week just isn’t an option right now. The description of Focus 34/35 caught me by surprise:

Focus 34/35 – The area of the Gathering. Beings from many other locations within the physical universe are gathered here to witness the upcoming Earth Changes. First mentioned in Bob Monroe’s second book, Far Journeys.

Every experiencer that I know personally has a bit of an apocalyptic bent to them, myself included. One of the big questions for me has always been why do all of us feel like something bad is going to happen? We all have dreams and visions about it. A few weeks ago in meditation, I was shown a nuclear bomb blast and was told it would occur in 2075. The image of the blast will be hard to forget as it was extremely vivid. Everything had a bit of sickly green tinge to it and I ducked down behind the remains of the building as it went off. What am I supposed to do with that? It would be a small miracle to still be alive then and how can I do something about it now? Who would listen? As a John Keel fan, I’m also aware that these messages may not always be accurate, whether it’s deliberate disinformation by devious interdimensional entities or just one probable future of many that may or may not happen.

A few days after the light ball sighting my wife looked out the bedroom window to see a small orange orb about the size of a soccer ball fly down our street. Weirder still she had a very strange dream after that. I’m again reminded of those intelligent plasmas that seem to able to put images in people’s minds as I discussed in John Keel Ate My Audiobook Review of The Perspicacious Percipient. She dreamed the light ball suffered a technical failure, crashed in the yard, and we picked it up. In her dream, it was a probe of some sort and a group of blond-haired blue-eyed aliens were trying to get it back before some pale-skinned men in black types could get their hands on it. We didn’t know what to make of it because it was so damned weird and we had no idea that an answer of sorts was coming.

What About My Breakfast?

There is a wonderful place to eat near the house we are renovating. Every scratch-made comfort food breakfast fantasy you could ever hope for is readily available. It’s run by a very nice family and their daughter is sort of the spiritual anchor of the place. The vibe always reminds me of a fairy tale kingdom where pies grow on trees and magic french toast is delivered by pixies. During one of my early morning meditations, I got the message that there was trouble in the kingdom followed by images of arguing and chaos. We had planned to get breakfast there so I decided rather than just avoiding the trouble we’d go and see if my vision was accurate.

Unfortunately, it was accurate, the normally serene and extremely well-run eatery had descended into chaos. The daughter looked distressed and like she hadn’t gotten any sleep. Everything was going wrong and the place was packed with people. My pancakes still had the air of magic to them but it was a slow painful process getting them. So it seemed like I had again gotten an accurate and useful message during my Gateway meditation. The images were getting stronger during this time and for a few days, it was almost too much. There were quite a few visually powerful dreams during this time and I’m still not sure where they line up yet. I’ve been charging my phone next to the bed so I can immediately take notes whenever I wake up.

It was around this time that I stumbled onto the blog of Carla Fox in my hunt for additional focus levels. What I found was rather surprising given my wife’s extremely curious dream. The apocalyptic visions, coincidence control center, and strange dreams were now resonating with my need to reach the edges of consciousness. Carla’s posts titled The Gathering and X27 had all the major components of my wife’s dream: men in black, blond-haired blue-eyed beings, and curious technology. I have no idea what other people experience during the same process but it was an uncanny synchronicity that would continue running.

Hypnopompic Images Party Time

As I mentioned earlier, the hypnopompic images were very strong for a few days. Sleep has become impossible again and I’m not quite sure why. Everything hurts which has been the trend for months, but for some reason, my brain will just not shut off lately. Sleeping on my back is the best option to control pain but it keeps me in a sort of half-awake state. It almost feels like my psychic center won’t shut off because it’s looking for danger. There have been a few times in my life that this was a problem. Once when I was very young I became convinced that “the devil” was trying to get me but I can never remember what led up to that. I just remember running to my parent’s room over and over again. This seemed like the classic monsters under the bed problem that most children struggle with.

The second time was a lot more disturbing. Right after high school, a wave of paranormal phenomenon swept through our little town. Poltergeist phenomenon, lights in the sky, and shadowy red-eyed beings similar to the Mothman were seen wandering the streets. A group of us started spending nights chasing these things and got much more than we bargained for. Seek and you shall find became an open door to all sorts of madness. We began staying at each other’s houses in a sort of safety in numbers exercise. The trouble was that the large shadowy red-eyed being started turning up in the hallway watching us try to sleep. It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever experienced. As we would learn later, we weren’t the only ones this was happening to, and it has been sighted again in the last year.

I was having a lot of hypnagogic imagery but the pattern has changed recently. Now I struggle to fall asleep and when I do the dreams are very strange and visual followed by strong hypnopompic images in the morning. There was a very distinct image of a heavily flooded parking lot right before Hurricane Lane reached Hawaii. Later that morning I saw the coverage on the BBC and hoped my vision wasn’t correct. As I found later, it seemed to be another correct vision because Hawaii received a record amount of rainfall that caused massive flooding. The theme for that day was not quite over yet though.

The day was spent deleting all the bad ideas I originally had for this website from the database, one at a time, and making redirects for them. Where I started is a long way from where I am now with this whole website thing. It seemed like a good day to catch up on episodes of The Experience with Jeremy Vaeni. Paratopia deserves credit for being the show that really helped broaden my views on what has been happening to me all these years. I’d strongly recommend that anyone who is interested in or is currently experiencing paranormal phenomenon pick up the Paratopia show archive. It didn’t take very long to run into the episode Do Experiencers Have a Responsibility? where Jeremy discusses his own apocalyptic visions along with the story of how he wound up in Hawaii. My brain went into overdrive comparing and contrasting his visions with those of other experiencers I know personally. Again I was left wondering why all of us were getting these messages.

Can You Hear Me Now?

When my wife got home we continued our journey through the episodes of Shattered Reality. I found the show through Twitter and so far I’ve really enjoyed the episodes. It’s always nice to find a show where the hosts understand the phenomenon on a deeper level. We found what may be a possible EVP on one of the newer episodes so I emailed Fahrusha so they could investigate. I continued with the website updates late into the night because I needed to get it out of the way and get back to writing. Staying up late working is something I haven’t done for many months. My morning ritual of getting up to do yoga and meditate has led to me going to bed pretty early every night. There is something magical about the time right before the world around you starts waking up.

Late that evening a reader contacted me about his own apocalyptic visions and concerns involving water. Things were really starting to get strange now. There was a definite theme to the day for some curious reason. If I hadn’t been up late for the first time in a long time I may have missed out on some important information. Before the conversation was over I again found myself standing at the crossroads of synchronicity, earth changes, and the strange thing my wife dreamed about crashing in the yard. Coincidence Control Center was again working overtime just as Robert Anton Wilson had described in Cosmic Trigger. I’ve gotten used to this over the last few years but I’m still left clawing for an answer on how it all works. My allegedly random life was developing another distinct pattern.

The next morning I had a very clear vision of a long piece of wood. It sort of looked like a large unpainted nightstick. The image would return again in a new form. This time it looked like a telephone pole, broken on one end, which had fallen into a swimming pool. I took note of it in my increasingly curious dream notes and got up to turn on the BBC and check my email. Fahrusha had responded to me and when I clicked the email there was a loud cracking sound on the television as a tree fell on a news reporter which totally caught me by surprise. Here we are again with something that appears to be precognition.

A Continuing Acceleration

Coincidence Control Center wasn’t quite done with me yet though. Given the topic of the last few weeks, I decided to start listening to Far Journeys by Robert Monroe in hopes of gaining more insight into the focus levels beyond 21. It didn’t take very long for synchronicities to present themselves. The reader that contacted me had recommended I read a few stories involving someone else’s encounter experiences. I was struck by how much the stories reminded of something that could happen to a possibly psychic person in a hypnagogic state. All of these person’s encounters occurred as they were falling asleep. Even more interesting was one night he got up and went out onto the roof to see a light ball over his house. This caught my attention because I know someone who keeps waking up on his roof quite unexplainably and quite possibly in an out-of-body state.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes from Far Journeys chapter 3 The Gateway Program to chew on. I’m not sure what any of this means but the information stream seems to be picking up speed.

We developed an exercise whereby the participants simultaneously would be able to move this special mental energy into a visible pattern of
light some one thousand feet above the motel. In the latter stages of the session, late one night, we put them through the test. The idea was that the combined energy of some twenty-four individuals might provide something we could see. All external lights in the motel were turned out (the
motel itself was out in the country) and by stopwatch timing we knew the exact moment when any light should appear above the motel………There were some five or six observers present. None of us saw any light phenomena. However, when we went in afterwards and conducted the debriefing we examined the Polaroid photographs taken. The ones preceding the light signal were blank; the two after the exercise were blank. The two taken during the exercise itself showed a round ball with a marbleized effect much like the earth seen from a distance.

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