Adventures in Hypnagogic States, Psychic Visions, and Synchronicity #1

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A Recipe for Hypnagogic State Psychic Visions?

Some rather curious things have been happening to me lately. Strange things have been happening to me my entire life but the last few months has seen a dramatic increase in the weirdness. Mind you, I’m not surprised by this, I’ve kinda been asking for it. The last few years have been a terrifying rollercoaster of severe health problems, mind-boggling stress, and a black depression. I’m here today because some extremely odd synchronous events saved me from myself in a way that I can only hope to understand someday. I decided to embrace whatever this is that has been happening to me my whole life and try in shaman-like fashion to bring something useful back from diving in the unknown.

Every morning I get up really early to do yoga and meditate. I still feel like someone threw me down a flight of stairs and yoga has been helping me take the edge off. For many months now I’ve been working my way through The Gateway Experience from The Monroe Institute and it meshes perfectly with yoga. By the time I’m done doing yoga, usually with crystal bowls or monks chanting from Prime or Spotify, my mind is already clear and energized going into meditation. I’ve also been using Paul Stamet’s stacking method for brain repair to claw back from some really scary after-effects of multiple rounds of anesthesia which you can learn more about here. The whole process itself is the byproduct of those odd synchronous events I mentioned and it has changed my entire life. I’ve felt at times like someone or something has been looking out for me.

Starting your morning with a mystical experience is something I’d recommend for anyone. It has launched me in catapult-like fashion into the now. All the endless chattering of the mind has quieted and allowed me to embrace the magic of the moment, experience perfectly timed flow states, and surf the wave of synchronicity. What I’ve been experimenting with lately is decoding dreams to see if there are any useful messages. My daily ritual has seen in an increase in what I’ll call psychic events. A few of us get together regularly and work through the observed oddness of the week and take apart our dreams for examination. Recently, this has been especially profound, as if some sort of feedback loop has begun operating. It’s why I’m typing this now.

And So It Begins

A few weeks ago I was working with Monroe Gateway Experience Wave V #4 Mission Night. It’s the only track with no grounding tones with the idea that you program your goal and then sleep on it. My goal was to remember my dreams and also get any important messages. I remember being in a bar with a gypsy reading my fortune. There were a few other people there who I didn’t speak to and then I turned to see a sweaty blond woman say “I think I need a firefighter soon”. Next thing I remember is images of blackbirds falling on the ground next to a weird carnival. The whole thing was very strange and I figured sooner or later the answer would turn up.

In the meantime, the other thing I’ve been working on is being in the right place at the right time by totally letting go. The other day it struck me that it had been a long time since I had Dippin Dots ice cream. It was just such a random thing. I remember saying it out loud and noting it’s oddness. We are currently renovating a house about 20 minutes away in the odd little town I grew up in, which for lack of better term, is a paranormal hotspot. A few days later we pull into an out of the way gas station we don’t normally go to and there is a big sign on the front that says “Dippin’ Dots Sold Inside”. Given the length of the car ride and a potential melty mess we decided to stop back by on the way home and “follow the sign”.

We headed on to the house we are working on and later in the day a good friend stopped by. At some point, we got on the topic of Dogman and the giant wolves we’ve seen in the area. We are always talking about something weird and it hardly seemed noteworthy. My body doesn’t put up with a whole lot of drywall sanding yet but I did the best I could and then we headed for ice cream. On the way back we drove through a small intermediary town and I noticed two elderly women with bicycles who looked like they were investigating an abandoned parking lot. It seemed odd, but life is strange, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time. We finally get back to the gas station and I decide to grab to-go sandwiches first, from the adjoining restaurant, because we hadn’t eaten all day.

I open the door and the cashier says midsentence, “two old ladies just went on a bike ride up there and I told them not to go because of Dogman!” The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. And then I remembered those two ladies in the parking lot. When it was my turn at the register I asked her what was going on and she told me that the guy standing next to me a moment ago had seen Dogman in that town. I told her I had been reading about Windigo and trickster spirits and she said it didn’t matter because “they are all cannibals”. I got my Dippin’ Dots and went home to ponder the peculiarity of the universe and the success of my timing experiment. While discussing how far we should ride our bikes into the area, because I’m a magnet for this sort of thing, and the trailer for Mile 22 came on as if to answer. Guess where those ladies were standing, 22-mile road, same place I had seen giant wolves years earlier.

A few days later I was headed to the reno house to go for a bike ride. I’ve lost twenty pounds so far doing this which has made my doctors happy. It’s one of the few exercises I can do right now that doesn’t hurt. My favorite bike is there along with an abundance of beautiful paved riding trails. We share pictures of the gardens with my Mom and she called me after sending me a picture of a daylily she had grown. I called her back after my ride and she mentioned wanting to visit a daylily farm that I found a few years ago but couldn’t remember. Some information like this is hard for me to retrieve as parts of my brain still feel like quicksand. After a little bit of Googling, I found the place and sent her a link. My wife loves planting flowers so we decided to check it out on the weekend.

As fate would have it, this particular area is a total dead zone for cell phones, and without our trusty map app we got a little lost. At some point we wound up turning around in the Post Office parking lot which we didn’t realize at the time was right next to the only bar in town. A little further down the road, we passed a farmer’s market and I remember wondering aloud if the flower vendor might be there. After a whole bunch of cursing the lack of cell phone towers in the area, we finally find the sign, and turn into the driveway. Right in the middle of the small oval driveway is a large child-sized garden gnome exactly like the one I wrote about a few days earlier in #22 A Curious Case of Garden Gnome Rescue. The hat was a different color but it sent a chill through me.

You see, when I’m writing The Signal, I try to go out and get it, or be in the right mental state so it can find me. My focus is on trying to be the conduit for it more than the author of it. The flower farm didn’t look like any farm we’d ever seen. It looked like someone had backed up a dump truck full of lawn ornaments next to a creepy old cabin surrounded by tall fences and warning signs. Wish I had gotten a picture of that giant garden gnome but the absurdity of our surroundings had me sufficiently distracted. There didn’t appear to be anyone around so we got the heck out of there and headed for the farmer’s market. The flower farmers were in fact at the farmer’s market, something they forgot to mention on Facebook, and it didn’t take very long to have a Gypsy Rose hosta in my hand.

My wife already had a trunk full of irises she was moving to the other house and she proceeded to fill what space was left to ensure a good day of gardening. Thankfully, the farmers were much less creepy than their location, and we headed off for our project after making some new friends. We passed by the airport in the town we are living in right now and the runway was covered in a gigantic mass of blackbirds. They weren’t falling out of the sky like in my dream, but they were everywhere and would have been a dangerous problem for anyone trying to land a plane. It was at this point that I remembered my dream and started wondering if it had been a hypnagogic precognitive vision. The carnival is held every year just past the end of the runway they were on. It all seemed too crazy so I activated the Robert Anton Wilson programmed portion of my brain to introduce some much-needed skepticism.

The universe had other plans for me though. It wasn’t quite through with me yet. Curiously, we had been talking about the family that has a huge collection of old mobile homes along the side of the road that we passed on our trip. We stopped for lunch over 20 miles away and found one of them having coffee and talking about moving mobile homes of all things. Shortly after arriving at the house we are renovating one of my friends showed up and began telling me about someone he was reconnecting with. She was a firefighter, blond, and looked remarkably like the woman I had seen in my dream. When we ran through the whole sequence of events it was pretty mind-boggling. Those streaming images I had grown steadily more used to during the Gateway Experience now seemed to contain hypnagogic state psychic visions. Little did I know at the time, more confirmations were already on the way.

More Curious Confirmations

About a month ago the carnival I mentioned above was in town at the end of that airport. Right before it began, I had a very disturbing vision of an accident at the fair. The Scrambler was sitting where it always does and one of the cars flew off toward the Matterhorn ride just west of it. I wasn’t sure what to make of it and I had just finished The Perspicacious Percipient by John Keel and Andy Colvin. One of the things Keel talked about was mediums and contactees who all received the same warning messages and a certain percentage of them appeared to be disinformation. Keel believed otherworldy entities were messing with our minds but I wondered what difference awareness would make in the final outcome of an event. So I was aware that I should proceed carefully when it came to messages like this. I shared the information with a few close friends and forgot about it.

One of those friends I told got a rather curious confirmation from an old circus clown the other day. He was sitting at a restaurant last week, at exactly the right time, when the clown came in and provided my confirmation. It’s really strange how things work, external force, or internal force. Am I doing it or is something else? The carnival company had brought in a new ride from Europe, one that sat right in between the Scrambler and the Matterhorn and it, in fact, did have a mechanical malfunction. Nothing flew off and no one was injured but they did need to bring in a mechanic from Europe to correct the problem. The basic message of ride malfunction in that immediate area was accurate. I’m learning that these messages are largely symbolic given the way the brain operates and may require careful interpretation and confirmation.

A day before our flower farm trip The Anomalist posted an article by Eric Wargo over at The Nightshirt called “Look Back in Amber: Dream Paleontology as a New Gnosis”. It turned out to be exactly the thing I needed at exactly the right time. I immediately had a framework to work with and someone who knew more than I did who had literally written the book on all of this.

We are four-dimensional beings. As I argue in my new book Time Loops, our behavior at any given moment is shaped not only by the exigencies of that moment and what has preceded it, but also by what comes next; we are informed by things we will learn in our future, not just by what we know from our past. It goes by many names: Teleology is an old one; syntropy is a newer idiom; retrocausation is what they call it in physics. Whatever you call it, it is a basic principle shown in the precognition and presentiment experiments of parapsychologists like Dean Radin and Daryl Bem. But those experiments, I believe, just show us the tip of the iceberg of how we—and all creatures—inhabit time.

A few days later Greg over at the Daily Grail posted an article titled “The Hypnagogia Hypothesis: Do Religious Visions Occur at the Edges of Sleep?” It seemed like everything was playing out on some sort of cosmic script just like the old circus clown. I commented when I posted Greg’s article on Twitter that:

I think it’s always around us and this is the rare time of the day where we can get out of our own way long enough to access it. I think has another important part in the dream paleontology article. Also try Monroe Gateway Experience Wave V #4 Mission Night.

Eric Wargo was kind enough to reply back:

Vivid precognitive flashes also occur in hypnagogia — the trouble is, you have to write them down (or they are forgotten), and it is extra hard to motivate yourself to do that on the edge of sleep. Hypnagogia is also accessed in meditation:

What happened next caught me completely by surprise. That evening I was looking for something to watch on the DVR and had completely forgotten that I had taped the morning news on the BBC before starting my yoga and meditation. I hit play and soon found a short preview clip for the show Click which amazingly involved a technology being developed at MIT by Adam Haar Horowitz which solved the problem mentioned by Eric earlier in the day and it was called “Hi-tech dreamcatcher defeats sleep amnesia“.

To achieve this he has invented a hand-worn device he calls Dormio. It collects biosignals that in turn track transitions in sleep stages – such as a loss of muscle tone, heart rate changes, and alterations in skin conductance. The goal is to study a particular stage of sleep – the period between wakefulness and deep sleep, known as hypnagogia.

I have no idea how all this works but the timing of it all is extremely uncanny. It would seem that if you pay attention, open yourself to it, and simply let go and float in the ocean of the universe that it’s possible to find exactly what you need without trying. I don’t remember how I knew to get the Gateway Experience to help fix my life or any of the various other systems I plugged into my recovery process. It all seemed to happen as if by magic while my life was imploding. To proceed through that process and continue to experience more synchronous events that help steer me in the right direction is extremely powerful.

Further Findings

After all of this, I had another very curious dream or vision. We were at the airport in town again, our car had been hit by an invisible something, which actually had actually happened years earlier a few miles down the road, and the blond waitress from a local bar we went to a few weeks ago was talking to me which made no sense at all. The next day I had planned to go for a bike ride in my hometown north of here. Miles of new bike trail had just been paved and it ran right next to the old airport in that town. Just as I was trying to get out of the front door, past Shadow the cat, I heard a voice in my head that said, “Do not go to the airport today.” It caught me by surprise after the dream but I just tried to follow the lead. Be like water and flow, I told myself.

After the car ride, I got on my bike and went in a different direction to avoid that section of trail by the airport. My goal was to get 2.2 miles and turn around for home. At exactly 2.2 miles my rear tire started going soft and before I knew it the tire was flat. The good news is I was only a block away from my old job and family workshop where my giant toolbox is still hanging out. As I walked my bike into the shop a new employee came out to grab something off the shelf. It hit me right then like a ton of bricks. I did not know this new employee but I had seen him in that bar I mentioned, talking to the blond waitress a few weeks ago. When I got the tire off the bike there was no explanation for the puncture. Nothing sticking into the tire that would have popped my heavy duty tube.

So just like the car accident I saw in the dream, there was no explanation for the damage. If I would have followed my plan that day, I would have been by an airport, although different than the one in my dream, with transportation trouble. I would have been walking over two miles home trying to carry a bike with my broken body. The whole thing has been a mind-blowing look into the precognitive powers of the mind. I try to remain skeptical so as not to lose myself in all of this, but at the same time, this is exactly what I’ve been aiming for. Almost dropping dead last year put an exclamation point on all the time I had wasted. Now things are starting to get really interesting.

I can’t wait to read Eric’s book Time Loops which should be here today. A perfectly timed price reduction involving 22 and 11 reminded me to order and I’m excited to see what happens next now that I’m keeping track of my dreams. You can get a copy here.

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