#17 Forehead Door of the Glowing Red Orbs

At first, all I hear is a faint rolling static and there is the feeling of a subtle vibration in the middle of my forehead. The tone starts to wind up almost like a rocket ship taking off. Having been a meditator in my old life I try to just let go and float along with it. The sensation in my forehead is getting stronger now as the pitch of the tone continues to rise. A strange energy starts darting around just under the skin like I’ve been plugged into an electric socket. I can feel my awareness expanding, pouring out into something bigger, the body is no longer a limiting factor. The space around me gains depth by multitudes as I feel my mind racing across the grass outside.

There is a popping noise and I’m suddenly standing in blackness. I turn in circles trying to gain some orientation in this absence of everything. Somewhere just out of reach there is whispering followed by the sound of footsteps approaching. I try to orient myself to face the direction they are coming from and I can see a fuzzy shimmering light slowly moving towards me. Time seems to stand still as it gets closer and closer. The blurriness begins to take shape and form itself into a man. He appears to be a tribesman or shaman of some sort. Red paint is smeared randomly over the dark and leathery skin of his face, a bright red feather passes through his septum, and a large crown of purple feathers rings his head. He wears a massive collection of shell and bead necklaces which rest on his shoulders and chest.

He is standing directly in front of me now with his head cocked as if studying me. A broad smile spreads across his face and I can feel an intense energy of love and understanding start to pour out from him. He reaches out to tap me in the middle of the forehead and my entire body begins to ring like a bell. The shaman then crosses his arms and points in two opposite directions, taps himself in the same place on the forehead, and then disappears in the blink of an eye. My stomach starts to churn uncontrollably and I begin throwing up something that looks remarkably like road tar. Horrible waves of it pour out of me while every pain receptor in my body is suddenly activated. A ghastly unseen mechanism is tearing me asunder and right before I pass out from the pain my body begins falling.

The invisible floor I was standing on has vanished and I’m now tumbling through the air faster and faster. Panic tightens it’s grip on me as my hands instinctively try to grasp for something to hang onto. The screams in my mind seem unable to verbalize themselves as I continue to spiral down with increasing speed. I close my eyes and focus, just need someplace to land, and the sense of speed is suddenly gone as I am again standing on what seems to be something solid. There is a knocking sound in front of me like someone banging on a large wooden door. Thump, thump, THUMP. Deep echoes bounce around me in a way that can only be described as cavelike. A lighted door swings open in the darkness as a shadow steps through it.

A tall thin man is now standing in front of me. His skin is pale and ghostlike. Large almond shaped eyes stare back at me as he begins to make a series of complex movements. It almost looks like interpretive dance as he forms shapes and symbols with his body. He is silent but his unwavering gaze tells me that he is studying me carefully, making sure that I’m paying attention. The trouble is that I don’t understand what he is trying to tell me. The man then traces a circle in the air and claps his hands together. Another lighted door opens, this time behind me, and he points toward it nodding. What is this place? And where am I going? He shakes his head and again points toward the door. I turn to step through it, shielding my eyes from the blinding light.

I step out onto a sandy beach, the warm dampness of sand squishes between my toes as calm waves slowly roll up onto the shore. The sun is shining brightly, almost too brightly to see, as I squint to investigate this new location. No boats, or people, or birds. Just the endless rolling ocean and sand trailing off into the distance. I hear a quiet voice in my mind say, “Do not be afraid, I am here to show you something,” as a hand threads itself into mine. The skin is smooth like leather and small like the hand of a child. For some reason, I am unable to turn and look at the person standing next to me. A hand reaches out to point toward the ocean and the skin is gray almost like that of an elephant.

There are now red lights under the surface of the water that are getting bigger and brighter. Six giant glowing red orbs rise out of the water in line with each other. They are grouped together in two sets of three. Each one of them is spinning in a different direction and this feels important somehow. It reminds of something I saw in physics book somewhere. The finger is still pointing at them as the grip on my hand is tightened. What could it mean? What do the directions represent? No answers come as the glowing red orbs continue their strange dance. Off in the distance, I can hear a whistling sound that is getting louder. The ground beneath me begins to roll and shake as the volume of the whistling becomes almost unbearable. I feel another finger tap me on the forehead and I’m falling again…..

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