Review of The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy, The Remarkable Life of U.S. Government Remote Viewer 001 by Joseph McMoneagle

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Of the Mind and Time

The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy by Joseph McMoneagle is the next stop on the synchronicity wave I’ve been trying to ride. I received this book as a review copy from David Niall Wilson at Crossroad Press who was another one of those people I met at just the right time.  Our discussion about Ingo Swann’s Penetration led to Robert Monroe and Joseph McMoneagle which proved to be timely information for me. You can read my review of Robert Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body here if you want to follow on along on this journey. At that time, I had no idea how important The Monroe Institute was to one of the most talented and tested psychics on the planet. You can read Joseph McMoneagle’s official trainer bio on the Monroe Institute here and the new WordPress site the McMoneagle’s are working on is located here.

I’ve struggled with exactly which direction to go and what information to cover. Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy is a huge book to get your mind around. Mr. McMoneagle strikes me to be an extremely precise man. He gives us a remarkably detailed look at his entire life from very early on, through his intelligence service work, and the early remote viewing work of Enola Wish which would become Grill Flame and eventually Project Stargate. The time that Joe spent in the military is not pretty. You get an up-close look at the dysfunctional nature of the Army and the tremendous stresses applied to those serving our country. From what I can tell, the Army operates a lot like a prison gang, and it seemed to me that Joe was as very lucky to make it out alive. Two marriages were also lost during his time in the service.

He had multiple close calls with death during his time in the military. It was a near-death out-of-body experience in Austria, in which he may have been poisoned by someone he knows, that left him with the spontaneous out-of-body experiences which were the catalyst for his future relationship with Robert Monroe. After leaving his body he fell into the famous tunnel often described in near-death experiences. Following a review of his life, he found himself enveloped in a brilliant light which he described as “swimming in pure, unconditional love.” A voice explained to him that it wasn’t his time and that he still had things to do. I’ve got to agree with the light on this one. We are very lucky to have gotten Joseph McMoneagle back in the land of the living because there is much to be learned from him.

There Were Signs

The early years of his life held numerous signs of a potentially psychic child. Many times these sorts of gifts are the byproducts of adapting to extreme environments as we see here with alcoholic parents, poverty, and violence.  He also shared a deep connection with his twin sister Margaret who suffered greatly for sharing her visions with others at an early age. She was institutionalized and heavily drugged by a mental health system that did not understand her. It pained me to read as I too have seen gifted people lose their balance and begin to spiral downward.

I couldn’t help but think about Robert Anton Wilson and the Pooka as I read about the imaginary little rabbit that brought comfort to Joe’s difficult childhood. Or John Keel when I read about the strange light he and his friend Steve saw while stationed in Eleuthera which left them with what appeared to be “severe sunburns”. Steve was eventually hospitalized because of this event, left with scars on his chest, and a sensitivity to daylight. We also see appearances of a mysterious spirit entity called Karanja which is something we have seen with other psychic leaning people who have similar intermediaries or helpers. For me, the signs of something larger at work here are everywhere, but that something is difficult to grasp. Despite all of the turbulence and brushes with death, it seems like Joseph McMoneagle got exactly where he was supposed to go.

He eventually married Nancy who was Robert Monroe’s stepdaughter and I can’t really think of a better person than Bob to help with the problem of uncontrolled OBEs. I’m left wondering if we ever would have heard about Project Stargate if it wasn’t for Joe’s early successes. As the Pentagon UFO story plays on we are again looking at some of the same people involved in the Stanford Research Insitute’s work with remote viewing. It makes a strange sort of sense when you think about it. While the rest of the world has been sleeping they have been busy amassing large amounts of data concerning the potential of the human mind and the curious things that happen to people. The article library at the International Remote Viewing Association is an excellent example of this. Here is another:

Something to Think About

I will leave it to the reader to read the story of the government remote viewing program which is provided in detail in this book. What I found extremely fascinating was that at one point Joe McMoneagle was tasked with remote viewing Mars in 1 Million years BC. He did so from a floatation tank located at Monroe Institue. The official report is located here. This is a very interesting detail considering that another extremely gifted member of SRI, Ingo Swann, was given multiple coordinates on the moon. Both men claim to have found life which is rather surprising. Even more surprising though is that someone in the intelligence services is looking for some very specific information concerning this fact as we see in both books.

Another noteworthy portion of the book comes during a time when the military is putting Joe through the stress test ringer as he prepares to leave the service. Remember that in Journeys Out of the Body Bob Monroe details being able to leave physical marks on a human body while outside his own body. This leaves some profound questions about the world we think we are living in. And here we see it again. It’s not entirely clear how this particular event happened but it does strike me that even though Joe might not have intended to do this it could have been a subconscious byproduct of his displeasure with the military’s treatment of Veterans. It’s a real head-scratcher and one of my favorite parts of the book. Fans of Twin Peaks will also raise an eyebrow here on the mention of dopplegangers.

The following week, one of the strangest incidents in my career occurred. When I walked into the office on a Thursday morning, the boss asked me to give the chief of staff a call. He said it was urgent. I called him right away. When the chief of staff took the phone from his secretary, he immediately started chewing on me like a piranha. He said he was going to have the military police pick me up and bring me to Arlington Hall Station in irons. He was absolutely infuriated like I had never before heard him. When he finally stopped yelling into the phone, I asked him what in the hell it was that I was supposed to have done. “You mean you don’t know?” he responded, incredulous. “No. I haven’t got a clue, Colonel,” I yelled back. He took a deep breath. “We have a formal signed complaint from a lieutenant colonel doctor at Walter Reed who says he was physically assaulted by you last week.” I had been there the Monday before for the retirement physical and had not even seen a lieutenant colonel, never mind assaulted one. I tentatively asked, “When was this supposed to have occurred?” I could hear him shuffling papers. “Wednesday afternoon.” I let my breath out in relief. I didn’t even know that I had been holding it. “Well, it wasn’t me. I was standing in the Capitol building with the assistant deputy chief of staff for HUMINT, and my boss,” I replied. More paper shuffling.

McMoneagle, Joseph. The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy: The Remarkable Life of U.S. Government Remote Viewer 001 (Kindle Locations 3249-3261). Crossroad Press. Kindle Edition.

Further Findings

A few nights ago, I reached the Remote Viewing section of the Gateway Experience which was quite timely given that I had just finished reading this book. I have just been working through each portion until I felt comfortable before moving on to the next section. It was a unique experience to stretch my energy bar tool into a tube and use it to connect to things. Of course, I forgot to read the manual again, so I didn’t have a specific test set up but that really didn’t present any problems with the exercise itself which was very instructive. It also produced a rather vivid visit this morning to what appeared to be Locale III or The Other Place as we call it. I remember hearing someone say that “Locale III is inside you”.

I was in a beautiful park in a small town that in our world has a weedy old intersection with a stop sign. I’ve never been a runner, I’m more of a bicycle guy, but there I was going for what appeared to be my regular jog. I had to turn around and go back to get a packet of information that I didn’t remember having a few minutes earlier. I remember thinking “I don’t jog, and what packet?” and then woke up shortly before opening the packet. The first thought in my head upon waking up was it’s time to write this book review followed by some grousing about not remaining long enough to see what was in the packet which seemed really important given the amount of anxiety felt about it while I was there. Maybe the packet held the beginning of this book review.

Curiously, after finishing that last sentence I stumbled onto this great interview with Alex from Skeptiko in which Joe talks about the reaction of SRI to his near-death experience:

Actually, it was the exact reverse of that. I thought that their strong interest was in the psychic functioning and that sort of thing. So when I started my interview what I came to find out was that they had opened a package that was inserted in my 201 file, my personnel file.

What had happened after my NDE is all of the psychiatric reports and all of the final assessments as to what my experience was had been put into a permanently-sealed file with a red stripe across it and it said, “Not to be opened except by commander of the Intelligence & Security Command.” When they obtained my file, what they did is that was the first thing that Lieutenant Atwater opened was that file.

And they were very pleased to find that I had had this experience in 1970 because it meant that I was one of those special people that historically were able to probably do exactly what they were looking for.

Final Thoughts

So here we are again at the strange crossroads of death, psi, and lights in the sky. I’m still trying to understand what it all means but Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy by Joseph McMoneagle was an illuminating look at the life of a man with an amazing gift. I think the power is in all of us but rarely is it acknowledged or nourished to grow into something more. If you’ve ever wanted to know about Project Stargate this is an excellent book to start with because it covers the history in detail. My preferred method of book consumption is Audible and I think Kevin Pierce and CrossRoad Press did another excellent job on this one. It’s an important book and a truly unique look into something that far too many people ignore.

I will leave you with one of Joseph McMoneagles televised remote viewing sessions of which there are many. Most of them performed a day before the envelope was even chosen. Chew on that for a minute. If you want to support this website the book is available from Amazon here.

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