#7 Adrift in a Daydream of Memories

adrift in a daydream of memories

There are stars all around me. Drifting. A sea of galaxies in every direction. It is so quiet here. So beautiful. Weightless and adrift in a daydream of memories. My body feels like it’s been plugged into a giant electric socket. Waves of vibration roll over me. A pulsing that goes deep into the bones. For a second, in my ear, I hear a small crackling static that almost sounds like a coded transmission. There is someone here with me now. Or some thing. It is the most powerful being I have ever met.  I suddenly feel so small.

Despite the overwhelming feeling of tiny insignificance, there is an undeniable sense of love. Whoever this is can see right through me. All the dirty places inside where we as humans hide things. Bad programming and broken dreams. Lies we told to ourselves and others. Everything we’ve ever hated and allowed to fester. Fears that we don’t see when we look in the mirror but instead crawl under the skin like ants. A panoply of destructive urges. Pain and regret laid out for all to see like a threadbare rug under a window lit by summer.

It is the only time in my life that I have truly not been afraid. In the blink of an eye this being took all that away.  Turned inside out, exposed, none of it matters. All this bullshit we drag around with us is useless. Made up daydreams. Byproducts of broken humanity. We think we’ve got it all figured out. The truth of the matter is we have no idea what the hell is going on so we pretend. Proof of that is standing in front of me right now. Entirely impossible and yet the most real thing I’ve ever experienced simultaneously.

The vibrations feel like they are burning away all the dross in a healing fire. Delirious joy floods through me as tears stream down my face. Mental prisons blown open. Wasted years torn away. Existential anguish anchors lost overboard in a storm of stars. It is the thing I’ve been looking for my whole life. A profound sense of oneness with everything fills the empty hole that used to be me. Time stands still.

Vivid colors begin drifting past. Stained glass entities whisper secrets that my ears do not apprehend. Glowing interdimensional squid creatures teach vibratory rates. The being tells me it’s going to be OK. Just let go. More colors begin exploding around me as I drift further into the interconnectedness of everything. The secrets of the universe play hide and seek with me.

A massive spinning vortex begins to spin open around me dragging all the stars around with it. Everything is going to be OK now. The being has given me something so powerful that it cannot be put into words. Some things can’t be explained. And then the vortex pulls me and everything else into it as things go black.

“That must have been some daydream you were having. One of the nurses said you were laughing hysterically to the point of tears. Two different bio-sensors connected to you also mysteriously short-circuited and went up in smoke. What happened?” Dr. Sophia said to me with that look on her face again.

#8 Sorry About the Sensors

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