Review of Project Beta by Greg Bishop

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Why is this important?

I’ve been meaning to read Project Beta by Greg Bishop for a long time. All the time I’ve spent laying around Med-Bay was put to good use wading through my reading to-do list. It’s an important book for anyone who is interested in ufology or pretty much anything that isn’t supposed to happen but still does. For as long as any of us can remember shadowy lettered agencies have been lurking in the hedgerow of ufology and high weirdness. Greg has been able to pull back the curtain and shine some daylight into the dark corners in which they operate while giving us a disturbing look into what they were up to.

This book is more important than ever given the recent and just down right weird revelations involving the Pentagon UFO Program. Curiously, also a “22” for those of you keeping track. I don’t know about anyone else. But I’m having a hard time believing that the government wants to tells us the truth and they got one of the guys involved in the creation of I Wanna @#$& A Dog In The @%# to help us all understand. Great song but a curious choice don’t you think? I’ll be doing a bigger write-up on that topic in the future and you can see just how crazy everything has gotten.

What is going on?

Thanks to Greg’s fantastic book this all will make a lot more sense soon. Project Beta at it’s heart is the story of Paul Bennewitz and his bizarre adventure down the rabbit hole of intelligence agency hijinx. Paul was a smart guy and used his masters degree in physics to start Thunder Scientific with the purpose of building specialized temperature and humidity instruments for the likes of NASA and the Air Force. It turned out to be a great idea and the company became quite successful. He also had a nice house located in an exclusive neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico which provided an excellent view of Kirtland Air Force Base. Little did he know that this would prove to be his undoing.

What do smart guys with access to a vast arrays of scientific equipment do when they see something strange in the sky? They try to answer the question in the only way they know how. Scientific study. He just forgot what a bad idea it is to start pointing cameras and antennas toward a military installation that is home to numerous classified projects and labs. Alphabet soup agents started pouring out of Kirtland in disturbing numbers all with the goal of confusing Mr. Bennewitz in every way humanly possible. Before he knew it he was picking up “alien” signals broadcast directly from some government office and well on his way to the sanitarium. Paul captured some things that are still not explained today but it’s impossible to know what’s real in the middle of so much disinformation and very real government research projects. The rafts of disinformation created by numerous government agencies still haunts ufology today. As you’ll see in the book it wasn’t just Paul Bennewitz that was getting bad information. There was and is an active disinformation program aimed squarely at ufology.


I highly recommend this book.  There is so much in-depth information that it would be impossible to cover it all here. Buy yourself one of those neon highlighter pens.  I find it fascinating that we still have shadowy DIA men on the UFO chess board. As the Pentagon UFO revelations play out is it more of the same game? Hope Tom Delonge is feeling lucky because it didn’t end so well for Paul Bennewitz who also played the guitar.

It would be worthwhile to track down a copy of Mirage Men on DVD  or find it on your favorite streaming service. Strangely enough, it was directed by John Lundberg of Circlemakers, who we have to thank for a fair number of human-created crop circles. Just remember, you are in a hall of mirrors, so think carefully. I know that UFOs aren’t all just disinformation because I’ve seen them, up close, and many times. But I can’t tell you what they are either. The more I learn the less I know. Available for purchase directly from Amazon here.

Here is an excellent video from Open Minds that covers some important ground.

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