Is it time to wake up yet?

She just stared at me for a moment. Why does she seem so familiar? Where could I have seen her before? And why is she so pale?

“We had been scanning the wreckage for days with no signs of life when all the sudden the alarms started going off.  The Comms Team simultaneously picked up a very strong momentary signal. They are trying to figure it out but nobody has seen anything like it,” she said while eyeing me carefully.”A security team was sent in and there you were. Right in the middle of a floor that was clear when the salvage team went through. You were, how do I put it, phasing in and out of our reality. At points, they could see right through you.  It took weeks for us to get your frequency stabilized.”

“Is that why the room felt like it was vibrating?”

“Yes. We didn’t know what else to do. It was a last-ditch effort to save your life. We were afraid it would tear you apart.”

“How am I doing now?” I said nervously. And now the waiting for answers. It’s almost worse than getting the answer. Medical tests have a disturbing coldness to them. A multi-million dollar hospital whiz-bang machine doesn’t care who you are or what kind of life you’ve lived.

“You are in excellent health. All your scans came back great.”

“No cancer?”

“No cancer. And even if there was cancer it could be cured. Thanks to advances in fungal research men such as yourself no longer have to worry about cancer. I take it you were sick? In 2017? I still don’t understand that part,” she said looking at me quizzically.

“Thank God. Yes. Things were not good. I got run over by life and then backed over. Weird times. Something felt like it was happening but I didn’t know what it was. I felt like something was being revealed to me. Like I could see into the inner workings somehow. And this, being here, seems even more unreal.”

“I will agree with you on the weird part. As far as we can tell, you are not crazy. The Allnet Pad we left with you was taking your profile. There are signs of elevated stress levels and traumatic events.”

“What the hell is an Allnet Pad? Are you sure this isn’t an alien abduction?”

“I’ve done some reading on old human technology and I think you would call it a…. tablet computer? It’s connected to the Allnet which is sort of like what you called the internet only containing the entire digital history of many species and their internets. The pad interfaces with you psychically. And no we did not abduct you. There are many, as you would call them, aliens on this ship. But I can assure you we haven’t been abducting anyone,” she said crossly.

“Wait a minute. It’s reading my mind?”

“I think, to be more accurate, you are allowing it to read your mind,” she said with a wink and smile.

#7 Adrift in a Daydream of Memories

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