I must have blacked out again because everyone is gone. The clean bill of health is lost in proofreading. It’s just me and the blinky lights. There is something about this room. A pulsing resonance you can feel. Is that what they meant by sync? Maybe they are tuning me like a radio. That would be great because it’s pretty clear that I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the dials. Almost everything in my life was upside down, screwed up, and imploding before I woke up here. Life had become a blasted hellscape of Ground Hog Days and regret.

They don’t need to tell me how I got here. I know exactly how I got here. Even if I don’t know exactly what here is. Poor choices and bad patterns. They are easy things to fall into and the dangers along the path are not clearly marked. We only find out later whether our good ideas were really good. And the price we paid for them. It’s easy to lose yourself along the way.

I went to a job I hated just like most people on Earth. Ate bad food because it was fast and I was always running out of time. Stress balls were my new fashion accessory. Sleep was impossible and everything was a nightmare. I wanted it all to stop and it almost did. What is the point of a life you don’t have time to live? In some ways that cancer ball was a message to myself. Wake up before it’s too late. I just didn’t expect to wake up here.

#5 Weirdest Second Chance Ever