#2 Fugue State?

A glowing tunnel of spinning stars

I woke up in the Med-Bay again.  If I’ve gone crazy this must be the Deluxe Travel Package.  They said I blacked out again.  Again?  I don’t remember the last time.  And who are these people?   “Calm down” and “It’s going to be OK” they keep telling me.  But somehow the part about how I got here in the first place keeps getting left out.  Did some nerds raid William Shatner’s wardrobe after stealing a space cruiser from Dick Cheney’s underground bunker?  I hope not because getting invited to play Quail Hunt 2 with orbital space lasers could be hazardous to one’s health and I’ve got enough problems already.

Everyone is running around in their drab jumpsuits pushing buttons on some really whacked out control panels.  Futuristic machines make alarms sounds and bloopy bloppy noises while somebody out of view keeps yelling something about “losing sync”.   What are they doing to me?  And while we’re at it what the hell is wrong with me?  Everything is starting to get fuzzy again.  Back in my old life, I’d gotten pretty good at not passing out.  Massive blood loss was a good teacher but consciousness is getting damn slippery….

#3 The Dreamer Awakens

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